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Where have all the good men gone?

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    Oh, okay, thanks. Yes, she was incredibly attractive. I had heard of such things before but had never been approached by an intermediary. If I did want to cheat, I am not set up to cheat. I am always exactly where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing. At least as a general rule. If suddenly I started taking the car and not coming back for three or four hours, it would be so far out of character it would be obvious.

    I asked my best friend, the doctor's wife, why would a gorgeous young woman like that be interested in an old man like me. She said many of these girls have never gone anywhere, not even the two hours to the big city. They know I am educated; and that when I go North I travel all over the country, and she may view me as very sophisticated. This made me laugh, but after I thought it over, it made sense.