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Estranged fathers should be forced to pay more

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  • Estranged fathers should be forced to pay more

    "The current child support system sees payments calculated on parents' taxable income and does not take their assets into account."

    But now a judge has decided he should dictate a change in law to favour women.

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    "The couple were never married but have a 16-year-old son."

    Never married. Estranged father... never wanted to be a father.

    He was a sperm mule not a life partner, being made to pay for her choices.

    Do I like what he's done by not being a father to the boy, not at all. But sure as hell, a man needs a right to choose whether to be a parent or not, and women should never have a right to treat a man as a bank for the sake of their choices.
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      Amen, brother!


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        Hey, Mr. Richard Cerebellum Judgeship, there is no law stopping you from digging into your fat billfold and give that dearie as much as you want. Talk is cheap when you are telling someone else what to do.


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          I'd like to see a total rehaul of the whole child support system...

          Instead of looking at what the man earns, or in this case what the man owns... they should look at what the child needs. then cut that in half and see how each parent come out with the cash...

          And no a kid does not need $200 dollars sneakers... Or as the Judge in the OP link suggest: vacations and cars...

          When calculating the need of a child... they should come with frugal and conservative estimations...

          I also think a man should be able to economically about a child... this works like this: in the first 3 months of pregnancy the mother needs to let the man know that she is pregnant, and he should be able to make a legal statement saying that he have not intention to supply for that child, hence economically abort him... then the woman have the opportunity to decide if she want to move forward and have the baby, under those circumstances, or if she wants to abort it instead.


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            Child support as currently practiced in the USA can be described in one world. Slavery. One person being forced to work for another person without pay.

            In Most states, the law requires BOTH parents to support the kids. The government officials go to Mommy and says, "Don't you worry your pretty little head abut a thing. The taxpayers are going to assume your legal responsibility to support your children. We'll be right back. We have to get arrest warrant for several men who lost their jobs and can't pay."

            Child support is simply part of the government plan to transfer male income to females