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    Convicted based on a woman’s emotions and a judges’ “belief” that “his judgement was totally clouded by drugs and alcohol”

    “But he claims that Ms Davis began kicking him after he admitted to taking drugs, at which point his friends left”

    So where is their testimony? They could clear up once and for all who the aggressor was.

    “He put his thumb into the side of my gums, and that's when I really started to panic. He was having, what I know and what Jeremy knows as, psychotic episodes”

    A psychotic episode is not about physical aggression. Everyone thinks they’re a psychiatrist nowadays.

    “The court was forced to take a break after Ms Davis began shaking and crying in the witness stand as McConnell laughed at her testimony from the dock. Ms Davis shouted: 'Jeremy is laughing at me in the court. Why are you laughing? You're a blatant liar. How can he do this to me?' She was then heard shouting profanities as she left the courtroom, leaving the judge to describe both of their behaviour as unacceptable”

    “As Ms Davis gave evidence, McConnell was heard to utter 'lies, lies, lies' under his breath, forcing Ms Davis to shout 'Jeremy, can you stop talking over me when I'm trying to talk?”

    She’s showing a clearly aggressive reaction in court. If she’s like that there what the hell would she be like in private?

    “Pauline, who did not witness the alleged assault, said: 'We were so scared. I went to the toilet straight away because the stress kicked off my irritable bowel syndrome”

    So her grandmother was able to “testify,” unlike his friends, and tell us about her emotions, not the facts.

    But look at the pictures of what she did to him before:

    I see him battered and bruised but not her.

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    Your tears say more...


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      I only know about the Irish. My paternal ancestry was Irish. Irish history has reports of Irishmen going berserk and doing horrible things.

      In my family, there are only two of us. A cousin who fought on Iwo Jima, and me. I went berserk both times. Once in the Army it took 8 men to hold me. And, once in a car when some doodle brain deliberately blocked me and someone in the back put a bright spotlight in mpy eyes, I ended up driving 70 mph on glare ice, and somehow survived.

      It scared the crap out of me. You get literally the strength of 8 men, and in both cases I could have killed a number of people.

      I am going to say, only partly tongue in cheek, dearies are much more likely to become berserk than men.