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    Originally posted by simpleman View Post
    All I know about her is that he had a 1 hit wonder like... 40 years ago?
    Ahem, 30 years ago. Don't make me feel older than I am. She was very talented. Of course you have to like that Gaelic wailing thing. Did you know that before potatoes were imported to Ireland, their diet consisted primarily of milk products, supplemented with traditional grains like oats, and seaweed along the coast?

    She was a damn cutie, even shaved bald and cone-headed, but the passage of time afflicts us all, Keith Richards notwithstanding. Women: they're in their prime from 18 to 25; from there it's all downhill.

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      Originally posted by Manalysis View Post
      Well, there's always the possibility to learn more. Thx, Interwebz.



      All this makes me wonder why she is _not_ embraced and supported by feminists and leftists.

      I agree I think she's the victim of mental illness rooted in the abuse suffered as a child and should be helped.

      As to why not supported by feminists and leftists. Well if Erin Pizzey had chosen to never mention abuse by females she would have probably been sanctified by feminists, at very least not erased from the history of the creation of shelters.

      From your article links Sinead said:

      In 1991, O'Connor revealed publicly for the first time that she had been a victim of child abuse. The revelation came during a cover story for SPIN magazine. "My mother was a very unhappy woman, who was very, very violent and found it very difficult to cope with life, because of obviously her own experiences as a child," she said. "I was beaten up very severely with every kind of implement you can imagine yourself being beaten with. And I was starved, I was locked in my room for days at a time without being fed, with no clothes. I was made to sleep in the garden of my house overnight. I lived for a summer in the garden of my house."

      O'Connor has continued to discuss her horrific upbringing. Speaking to People magazine in 2012, she detailed her mother's physical violence, saying that it "perpetrated particularly in a sexual manner." "She wasn't trying to have sex with me, but she spent a good time trying to destroy my reproductive system," she said. "It was psychological, too. It was a torture chamber, really. But I forgive my mother; she just wasn't well."
      She forgives her mother, she describes what she suffered fairly, but she still says the abuser was her mother, and her mother perpetrated a particularly sick form of sexual sadism intended to destroy her reproductive system. I don't think I could even bear trying to imagine what her mother did to her.

      Either way challenging that narrative that all perpetrators and threats to young girls are male, is enough to get feminists and leftists to desert someone. It's not an uncommon story. There are many videos by females who found themselves isolated and silenced when they identified their abusers as female. They won't be accepted for helping unless someone can spin their story to blame men.
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      Originally posted by menrppl2
      Can't live with em, life is great without them.


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        Originally posted by voidspawn View Post
        They won't be accepted for helping unless someone can spin their story to blame men.
        I thought that that's what the Patriarchy was for.
        That men are always already the cause of all evil, even when they are not the immediate perpetrators.

        Besides, it usually takes them 3 nanoseconds to identify either the mother's husband or her father (or some male relative, neighbour, teacher or boss ... any man within 50 miles) as him that "made her do it" - a poor, oppressed woman struggling to fight back ...

        I'm sure you're right, but from the little I have seen, I suspect that it would not have been easy to win SO'C as a figurehead for any movement.
        She seems very independent, and inoculated against (at least a lot of other peoples') bullshit. So, no use for her, I can see that.