Violent lesbian mutts arrested for fighting at car valet stand

A valet employee told police that the incident started when Amy Witherite asked, "Where the [expletive] is my car?" an arrest warrant affidavit says.
On Tuesday, Amy Witherite took responsibility for the incident, which she said was fueled by alcohol, and said her wife should not be blamed.

Witnesses described both women as drunk, and the valet employee told police that 50-year-old Amy Witherite was "irate" that her 2017 Mercedes S550 was no longer parked in front of the restaurant. He told her that he would pull the vehicle around, records show.
Amy Witherite punched the man and then smashed a glass against another man's face, according to police. Barbara Witherite, 56, walked up to another man standing near the valet stand and asked,"Do you think that is funny?" Barbara Witherite punched and kicked the man, Barbara Witherite punched a woman and tried to pull her purse off her shoulder. She knocked the woman down and then grabbed another woman's cellphone, telling the woman she couldn't call police