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Feminism at University - "We are Taking Down Mural of White Men"

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  • Feminism at University - "We are Taking Down Mural of White Men"


    Emily Dawes, a feminists, has resigned her position as Leader of the Student Union for the University of Southhampton following racist, sexist remarks directed at white men at the university, specifically a mural for an unknown soldier awarding him with a degree in celebration of all young students who became soldiers and died in the first world war and so were denied the opportunity of completing their academic pursuits and earning their degrees. The university's reaction to her abuse, her racism, her sexism? It "respects Emily's decision and will continue to provide her with support".

    An example of the systematic, pervasive bias and discrimination and abuse of men at universities across the UK by feminists in positions of authority. Abuse which is trivialised and is perpetrated with impunity. Abuse, the perpetrators of which, because of their gender, receive help and support as apposed to discipline. Had this been a male student saying the exact same thing about white women at university their career and their life would have ended there and then.
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    A though to all young men out there... if you considering getting into the military because you think it is important to fight for the freedoms or what not... don't... this is the thanks you will get for your sacrifice.

    This woman have opportunity and freedoms because thousands of men die for her to have them... does she even care?

    and then we have this line:

    "even if I have to paint over it myself"

    You know a woman is really committed when she is willing to go as far as move her hands to get something done... though she much rather prefer it does not get to that point and men do the work.


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      Originally posted by simpleman View Post
      ... though she much rather prefer it does not get to that point and men do the work.
      Indeed, violence and crime by proxy. It minimises the risks to themselves. They get what they want and man takes the fall. Its an exploitation of an innate trait found in men and society. A biological trait that sees men and society run to provide for and protect women, driven by a culture in society that preaches that women are in need of protection and support. Now at face value this might seem like a sexism towards women but it is not as it comes with nothing but benefits to them and detriment to those who provide for them at their financial expense and sometimes the sacrifice of their own lives. This a great example of the many exploitations that men suffer in society as a results sexism encouraged by a gynocentric judicial system that suffers from the same biological trait as that suffered by men. A system that protects and provides for women who break the law as apposed hold them accountable for their crimes.

      What this woman has done is a by definition of law in this country a hate crime. She should be reported to the police but she won't because we live in a society that trivialises and justifies crimes committed by women, particularly those targeted at men.
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