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Becareful of what you wish for(Gay Marriage)

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  • Becareful of what you wish for(Gay Marriage)

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    RE: Becareful of what you wish for(Gay Marriage)

    I'd suggest it's not so much a matter of what was wished for was bad, as it is that there are still a lot of ridiculous legal loopholes which exist which can be exploited in nasty ways such as the one in the article.

    The interesting bit here, is that the solution would be to make gay marriage legal in their state (what they wanted in the first place), and then... gasp! It'd be legal to be divorced there as well!

    It does show how ridiculous the court system can be sometimes, however, and that's something which I would label as grounds for a lawsuit against the state legislature because, due to their laws, it's impossible to attain basic human rights because of their homophobia.

    I'm not really surprised at this, though; there's far worse things that happen with transgendered individuals attempting to get married since then you're considered either gay, or straight, depending on whichever one is the least beneficial to you at any given moment.

    It's gay if you try to get married, but straight if you try to cite discrimination, for example.

    It just goes to show how good humans are at using their logic to let their emotions of hatred be made manifest as weapons.
    It doesn't matter if they're right; if they can't prove they're right, then they\'re wrong, no matter how right they may be.


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      RE: Becareful of what you wish for(Gay Marriage)

      Hah, I'm predicting that while man/woman and woman/woman couples are fighting throughout the divorce proceedings like savages, the man/man couples who are divorcing will resolve their issues in a civilized manner and have as quick of a divorce as possible.
      The law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it! The law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose!\" -Bastiat