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  • Myth of Independent Women

    I was browsing the web and stumbled on a short ignorant essay written by Beyonce on this site:

    and I loved this comment and thought to re post it here for everybody to see. Very nicely put if you ignore the putting the blame on white men part:

    What makes women think that they would be shielded from the economy if men lose their jobs. What office buildings are women going to be working in if men don't build them? Where, and how, are women going to be making all this money in a society that's not built and maintained by men? Where do women get off thinking that they are completely autonomous from men to the point that "if it wasn't for men holding them back" they'd be CEO. CEO of what company? Not just that WHO built the building that she's working in?

    2 days ago the whole north east was snowed in. I'm sorry. I didn't see any women driving around in snow trucks plowing the roads. Oh my bad. I forgot there was a blockade of MEN preventing women from operating snow plows.

    I feel like women fail to understand how the economy works, and as a black woman - BEYONCE - why doesn't she just say "WHITE MEN" because I'd sure like to know where this kick behind black community is, where black men are in the financial position to not only pay black women less than they pay themselves, but also do the hiring. Last time I checked, due to the economic disparities in this country, black women get all their jobs from WHITE MEN, not black men. So they need to file the complaints about what they are being denied, up with the white boys rather than a general "MAN" complaint which encompasses black men who YESTERDAY - were all in jail.

    I'd really like to know what INFRASTRUCTURE women are going to control or have 50% say over that they don't build. Even with all this government subsidizing for women, eventually the system will crash because with the increase numbers of failing, unemployed, and underemployed men, EVENTUALLY you will have more single mothers taking money OUT of the system than you have gainfully employed men putting money into the system. If men don't do well - women don't do well. If the economy isn't booming and men are working AND building the infrastructure, there are no jobs for women to be strong and independent in, in the buildings that men built as a result of the BOOMING ECONOMY.

    It seems to me that women have a VERY hard time accepting the REALITY that EVERYTHING women do is predicated on the foundations that men establish - FIRST! If men don't establish those foundations (and I hate saying it) but look at your nearest black community - THIS COMING FROM A BLACK MAN. The black community is a primary example of what happens when role reversal is established in a community, much of this create by the dominant group, but that's a whole 'nother story.

    A woman can't be "strong and independent" unless some men get finished building the AIR CONDITIONED office building for her first. Please, someone, direct me to the army of women who are trying to get those jobs that aren't cushy or glamourous but are CRUCIAL to the infrastructure of society. Women work in the services industry, and by choice. It's clean and comfortable, but they seem to fail, every time, to see that if the grueling work men do isn't supported by manufacturing, mining, and exportation of goods that brings money back to the community, there WILL BE NO STRONG INDEPENDENT JOBS FOR WOMEN TO WORK.

    That's how society works, but women seem to miss this fact.
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    Yep, sad truth is all men have to do to win the "war of the Sexes" is nothing. stop building shit, stop maintaining shit, stop producing and providing.
    let the women have everything, let them think they've won when really they lost everything.

    and that is what's happening right now all over the world, with Japan leading the way.

    and saddest of all should our civilization fall and the rules that govern polite society collapse that is when if ever a "rape culture" will exist.
    why? because those men who are dropping out of society don't disappear, every man marginalized by society and unable to obtain what they need by socially acceptable means is a potential Barbarian at the gates of civilization.
    once our society is no longer able to defend itself and those metaphorical gates fall barbarians will do as they have always done.

    feminists are hastening this process by destroying the traditional family which provided men a connection to society and thus a stake in maintaining civilization and social order. and also by demonizing normal sexual behavior leaving straight men with no safe socially acceptable outlet for those needs.

    the MhRM isn't so much about fighting feminism really as it is about trying to fix our broken society enough that maby we can move forward into real equality rather than collapsing back into the stone-age. but we are struggling to even get people to realize that their IS a problem or the the scope of that problem is as sever as it is.

    it's the little dutch boy with his finger in the dike, except now the dike is screaming "rape culture, patriarchy, patriarchy you fuckface if you'd shut up and listen you might learn something, patriarchy."
    "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle