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BBC accidentally airs truth

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  • BBC accidentally airs truth

    A snippet of reality has intruded into our state-funded broadcaster's feminist world-view!

    Apparently men commute more and work longer hours but women - the poor darlings - suffer more due to the terrible oppression of etc.

    She discovered, in her paper published in the Journal of Health Economics, that women were adversely affected by commuting, while men were not, despite the fact that women in general commute less and work shorter hours.
    Women work shorter hours and commute less?

    I think we've found the reason for the fictional "gender pay gap"!

    "The only reason we could come up with was trip-chaining," Prof Roberts explains.

    "Women tend to make more interim stops on their journey, via the nursery or the school or the shops, so they have less flexibility and do more multiple activities. This adds stress to commuting."
    Really? The only reason you could come up with was "trip chaining"? Because I can think of some other reasons why women "suffer more" on this issue;

    1) Nobody gives a shit if men are stressed out about commuting. The men in the survey knew that if they complained they would be sneered at and treated with contempt
    2) There is not a widespread state-funded and state-publicised movement dedicated to exposing every single damn thing that men find even vaguely uncomfortable.
    3) A thousand-year-old tradition of chivalric bullshit.

    It was really easy to come up with these reasons. All I had to do was start off from a position of not looking for a reason that favoured women.

    I've screen captured the story in case history gets "edited" for feminist convenience.
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