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Nordic Model for UK?

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  • Nordic Model for UK?

    I don't see any discussion here regarding this All Party Parliamentary group recommendation in the UK (I might have missed it as I haven't had time to follow the forum lately) -

    "Paying for sex should be a crime, say MPs: Clients rather than prostitutes face jail in law U-turn"

    Are we losing the UK to the Nordic Model?
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    - Marquis de Sade

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    Why do they keep calling it the Nordic model? It pisses me of because Denmark is a Nordic country and it's perfectly legal here. We are basically the only part of Scandinavia that is not retarded and we fucking hate the rest of those fucktards.

    In any case. If this shit passes, get ready for more organized crime and horrible working conditions for the sexworkers. It is not without reason that no one is doing more to keep this shit out of Denmark, than the sexworkers' union. They fucking know that criminalizing the customers will hurt the prostitutes ten times worse than the few men that get caught.
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      it's the international wave of the future

      keeps the majority gatekeepers of sex happy....happy women
      allows persecution of the evil male...happy feminists
      allows heavy taxation of men with zero opposition.....happy government

      it's a win, win, win
      A man can gain no more respect than by, laying down his life for a woman. And a woman, no more than by, beating down a man. For a man to ask, what is fair and good and true and just, is to offend.


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        I'll admit when I opened the thread I felt a bit of trepidation thinking some incredibly fucking retarded law was trying to be passed such as making it illegal for a guy to stand up while peeing. Now I see it's just the mildly retarded and extremely stupid idea that making a product illegal and then heading that up with making the sale legal and the purchase of it illegal and I have to say I feel a hell of a lot better. Isn't it scary that we've gotten to the point where hearing a title that makes it vaguely sound like a 'new' idea has been introduced to the kangaroo circus that is our government has us shitting ourselves that it will be powers of magnitude worse then the last pants on head retarded idea they came up with. FFS.