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    So while the UofO is going full femtard, Ryerson Arts is doing ninja activism.

    A group of Reyrson students thought it would be cool if a buildings lights showed you the direction and the speed of the wind "In The Air Tonight". And not only that, but for shits and giggles, they thought it would be cool if the building went blazing red everytime someone twatted #homelessness. The really really most awesomely awesomest thing about this building... not a damn soul knows a damn thing about this fucking building; "ooooo shiny..."

    So if you have access to twatter, encourage all your friends to twat #homelessness. Twat all kinds of facts about homeless people, see how often the damn building can stay red.
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    Now that's pretty damn cool. Good job to the guys that did this.


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      I bet its all male students that were involved in actually making it work.