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Mom in Murder/Suicide

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  • Mom in Murder/Suicide

    So this is a case that is close to home for me. And one that should be of particular interest to the MHRA.

    Essentially the husband is a firefighter. The wife goes batshit crazy and takes a fireman's axe to him and his car in front of their 2 kids (both of which are under 5). He files a restraining order against her, but I'm unclear if it was granted. She filed for divorce.

    Now, she lost her job somewhere, and rung up a lot of debt. And was suing for full custody of the kids in the divorce. There was some sort of preliminary hearing wednesday morning, but instead of going to court that day, she decided to have a camp out in the garage.

    She buckled the 2 children into their car seats and turned on the motor to murder/suicide everyone. For some reason the husband shows up at his own home (where the wife and kids were and he apparently is not living at now) and finds the mess in his garage. He managed to resuscitate one of the children, but the other one is dead and so is the wife.

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.

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    Tragic and the woman was the abuser in that relationship. Laws should be changed to reflect the reality that men and children are victims of spousal abuse at equal to or greater rates than women. If the woman is the abuser she should not have access to the kids or even be granted custody.


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      another story detailing why granting preferential treatment to women in custody battles is a bad Idea to add to the ever growing pile.
      "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle