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gay on gay murder case slips through feminist governance

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  • gay on gay murder case slips through feminist governance

    When I say "slips through," I mean they didn't go cover it all up or pretend to have "no clue" who the perpetrator was, solely because arresting the perpetrator would fuck up the whole identity politics narrative whereby nothing is allowed to appear in the media unless it is an anecdotal example of a gay male or straight woman (victim class) being victimized in some way by a misogynistic or homophobic straight man (perpetrator class).

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    Here is a related article.

    Basically the way feminist governance works, it follows the identity politics paradigm where straight white (and in practice a lot of black) males are oppressors and women gays and other minorities are "victims." And cases are pursued and prosecuted according to whether they can be made to fit this paradigm or narrative. And the actual behavior of individuals doesn't matter so much. Politics trumps legitimate goals of law enforcement, turning it into a system that is dysfunctional except for a few instances where they can enact a few politically correct show trials. And political groups use this narrative as ways to demand money and privilege for themselves. Basically, every time a white woman is a "victim" the example gets portrayed in the press in ways designed to shake down the government and society for funding for political causes that go to identity politics groups that take up the cause of white women. Same for other "identity politics" categories. It should not hard to see how corruption and nepotism can lead to a few visible "identity politics" groups allegedly representative of various minority or female interests simply taking part in self-enrichment scams.

    The ultimate problem is, those groups that pretend they represent the interests of "minorities" or "women" or "gays" are often just small tight knit little cliques looking out for themselves.