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"Presumption of expulsion" the new standard in Dartmouth extra-judiciall proceedings

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  • "Presumption of expulsion" the new standard in Dartmouth extra-judiciall proceedings

    I feel sorry for that 18 year-old guy who gets asked to the hottest girl in class' room after the party, not realizing that his political persuasion is the reason he's going to be framed for rape and expelled.

    He thinks he's getting lucky, but someone's put a hit on him. That poor sucker has been taught his whole life that women are capable of making choices and exhibiting agency, but nothing is further from the feminist agenda.

    After all, there's only one reason to define "rape" as something that can happen when a woman has not been restrained, forced, or coerced and is free to leave at any time:

    "The only groups that believe women have agency are MRAs and MGTOW." - http://omegavirginrevolt.wordpress.c...n-have-agency/
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    "Women are like that they dont acquire knowledge of people we are for that they are just born with a practical fertility of suspicion that makes a crop every so often and usually right they have an affinity for evil for supplying whatever the evil lacks in itself for drawing it about them instinctively as you do bed-clothing in slumber fertilising the mind for it until the evil has served its purpose whether it ever existed or no" - William Faulkner