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    That author's hamster's heart has got to be ready to explode out of his chest by now.


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      Originally posted by Usagi Yojimbo View Post
      That author's hamster's heart has got to be ready to explode out of his chest by now.
      LOL. Yes, there's a lot of running from reality going on there, for sure.
      I wonder how she's able to look herself in the mirror, after such an impressive amount of mental gymnastics.
      A classic example of: 'If I just keep telling myself we're equal, over and over again, I'll eventually come to believe it.'
      I especially liked the 'second date'-suggestion, as if that's ever going to happen.
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        Where the hell are all these men anyway that are so dead-set on completely paying for the first (and second) date?

        “There’s defining yourself as a man and not just performing but doing gender properly. Money is a very costly way of expressing power.”

        Or are we just talking about the dbags who insist on paying for the lady's food and drink at restaurants and bars using their parents' money? I've seen this so many times, and it's absolutely pathetic.

        I mean, I'm down with women paying on the first date. What's stopping them? At least split the check. At least promote equality in all facets of your life. Personally, given the times, I view this as submission on the man's part. Most women make more than enough to pay for at least their own share of the date. This feminine, semi-submissive BS needs to stop, simply because it's not true.

        This reeks of hypocrisy.

        On a side note, I have met some women who insist on paying at least their own costs. Wish I'd see a lot more of it, though.


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          At least whores give sex in return.

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