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Actually wondering why this isn't in the news anymore

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  • Actually wondering why this isn't in the news anymore

    the girls who recently tortured the retarded boy reminded me of that texas woman who tried to rip her young sons scrotum off last fall. so I tried to find out the latest on Jennifer Marie Vargas' trial but I'm not seeing any recent news about her. the last thing I saw was that the female judge had issues a gag order and the defense attorney was requesting a psych eval due to the "profound level of defendant's inability to communicate". and her sister says she suffered so much abuse as a child herself that "she honestly didn't have a fighting chance.” great, so once again they'll figure out a way to blame men for her behavior.

    I’m not an attorney but I suspect that this is how a gag order is ideally supposed to work. I also suspect if there was any media interest in showing an unbelievably cruel and abusive mother I’m sure that there would still be some journalistic research into her background. I somehow doubt that a father tearing his daughter's genitals in anger would get the same courtesy of a media blackout.
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    well, let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet.

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    it's not news, it

    so I went and registered for the local San Antonio newspaper that broke the story to wonder why there were no updates. I commented on this early followup story about how Ms. Vargas had a previous conviction for assaulting her first husband:

    of course it was automatically marked as spam. probably because of the links to various studies on how well the pussy pass works in the criminal justice system. anyway here it is:
    I just went looking for an update on this case, or any new info on it at all. Funny how there seems to be nothing out there at all. The fact that the media is cooperating so thoroughly with the gag order is yet another example of how so much of sexism benefits women. Had a father torn his 6-year-old daughters genitals in anger there would be media camping out on the courthouse steps with updates and information from everyone and anyone they could interview that isn't directly involved with the trial. It figures the judge is a female too.

    At every turn in the criminal justice system women receive special treatment. It starts with the initial contact with law enforcement where the officer(s) have to decide whether to arrest the individual. Next is the prosecutors' decision of whether or not to even file a case. Here are two good studies on how that works out for women.

    If you'll notice the much decried pro-white racism of the justice is system is apparently statistically less of an advantage than the pro-female sexism they practice totally unopposed.

    Finally assuming that a woman has done something so heinous and inexcusable that she's actually convicted by a sexist pro-female jury she still then enjoys a statistically proven chance of a much lighter sentence than a man would ever receive for the same crime.

    And prior abuse suffered by the defendant carries a weight for female defendants that simply doesn't apply as much to abused male defendants.

    So I guess this is the patriarchy that feminists claim to want to smash. The one that oppresses women so much that they can become judges and go as easily as they like on female defendants. I'm sure Ms. Vargas will do a little time in a psychiatric facility and then be granted visiting rights to her victim because that's always the favored excuse for pro-female sexism; "We have to put the children first."
    well, let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet.


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      Does the gag order apply to us? Does the judge think she can stop us talking about it?


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        I tried the same with the Danish woman who strangled her 4 y/o boy during christmas, because she didn't want the boy to spend the holidays with his dad.

        And...with the two lesbians, who kept a small boy in a box a couple of years back, only to bring him out to torture him with burning cigarettes, for an extended period of time.

        Nichts, nada, niente, nix, nothing, rien!

        I don't know what pisses me off the most:
        The fact that they're not held responsible for their actions, or the delibarete attempt from the authorities to keep it a secret they're released without consequences.
        Equality, my ass...


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          ordered to gag

          Originally posted by numbCruncher View Post
          Does the gag order apply to us? Does the judge think she can stop us talking about it?
          No, obviously not, we can talk about it all we want.

          "Gag orders cannot constitutionally restrict the media’s ability to report everything it learns or gathers about the case before or during the trial. In addition, although gag orders restrict the trial participants’ ability to talk about the case and thus limit the media’s information sources...they do not limit the underlying information to which the press has easy access. For example, gag orders do not restrict the identity of the accused; thus, even with a gag order, the press can conceivably learn of the defendant’s identity and then report information about the defendant’s role in the crime.”

          There’s a lot of legal blah-blah about gag orders being necessary for a fair trial when a crime has been committed that provokes public outrage. That the defendant will be tried in the court of public opinion and won’t be able to get a fair trial because everyone will already have read about the crime. Which brings me to yet another aspect of this ongoing outrage. She confessed to having ripped her son’s scrotum in a fury and now she’s pleading not guilty? She knows she did it, her son knows she did it and his father knows she did it. So who else might have committed the crime? When the headline reads “Mom To Get Mental Health Exam” (so nice of them to call her Mom and not something clearer like Child-Torturer) we all know where this is going. This isn’t some dumb street kid that the police bullied into confessing to a crime that they had no suspects for. This is a very smart and calculating beast who knows she needs to act as unbalanced as she can until this is over so she can get back to getting wasted and abusing the males she hates. Here's why there's no way she's crazy:

          1. She denied her young victim healthcare and instead tried to cover up the evidence of her crime by supergluing his scrotum and sending him to bed. Calculating, not crazy.
          2. She confessed to the police after the dad took their son to the hospital and the extent of his injuries became known. Clearly understands cause and effect, all sadists do.
          3. Suddenly, according to her attorney she now has a profound inability to communicate. This is a cruel self-absorbed abuser, she's only sulking now that she's in jail.

          Yes Cruncher, we can talk about it all we want but if we talk about it too much or get too outraged the more polite or controlled men and women around us will probably start to wish for us to pipe down. They'll think that we're going off the deep end based on some hatred of women or a hangup about male genitalia being harmed. Personally I can get overwhelmingly depressed and angry about any of the myriad types of cruelty and suffering that people inflict on each other. When I see torture committed on a child it's doubly bad because children should have loving parents they can trust. When I see what hearts of utter darkness women can have I’m outraged that they still enjoy the female privileges of sympathy and compassion that they so clearly lack for anyone else. This woman is a monster and should go away until she’s very old but our society is awash in a toxic flood of feminist women-are-kinder-than-men propaganda that is going to translate into undue lenience for her.

          Actually I'm in favor of Blackstone's Formulation and when she gets her slap on the wrist I won't ragequit because I'm not fighting against her; I'm fighting against those sexists who actively promote this sort of legal double-standard for women and mothers in particular. And it's not just the criminal justice system that's broken, the bigger problem is that the public is being kept in the dark by a news media that is too busy running with the ban bossy nonsense to do any thorough and ongoing research on this case and the others like it. Feminists complain that there’s a conspiracy of silence around rape hurr durr because rape culture. I’d say we’re really living in a Mommy Dearest culture and the silence is deafening. Odd that I had to wait until I was in my late 40s and found the MRM to read the actual crime statistics that show that mothers abuse and kill their own young children far more often than fathers do. This woman was already arrested for assaulting her husband and received probation. How many times do you think she assaulted him before he finally called the police? Last summer she got a DWI but was again given the pussy pass. It must have been a suspended sentence though because they’re adding the drunk driving charge to whatever she’s being charged with for the sexual assault and battery she committed on her child. I bet the prosecutors know they’ll need the DWI charge tacked on there for her to do any time once the all-women-are-victims mental health professionals show up.

          Post script: I'm having issues here where I post stuff and see the confirmation dialog that says my comment is awaiting moderation but the post never appears. there have been three like that since i joined last week. I'm a slow writer so I'm going to have to remember to always cut and paste a local copy. anyone else lose posts regularly?
          well, let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet.


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            I'm a slow writer too - the forum logs me out if I take more than a certain time to post. I just cut and paste now.

            As for the rest, I couldn't agree more. I take limited comfort from the fact that although the legal and cultural biases in favour of women are apparent and glaring, we are living in an age where so much of it is recorded. As the MRM becomes stronger, I hope that attitudes will change, and what these people have done will eventually be challenged. They can twist and turn all they like, but they cannot erase the public record. Their freedoms rely not on natural justice, but current cultural prejudice.

            Sooner or later, we will look back on this age and shake our heads that such glaring prejudice was tolerated. Probably at the same time as we are tolerating some other glaring prejudice.