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Barnardos: Men bad, women good, repeat

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  • Barnardos: Men bad, women good, repeat

    Last night I saw the TV advert for the new Barnardo's fundraising campaign. (Barnardo's is a children's charity)

    Note how all the women in this film are incredibly loving, kind and supportive. The abuse victim is a girl, and the perpetrator is a man. What a surprise.

    Will Barnardo's be running a balancing piece showing the reality of sexual abuse by female teachers on their male pupils? Will they show a male pupil getting locked up without due process for failing to pay child support for the baby his female teacher conceived when she raped him?
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    Support the unsupported?

    Because, as we all know, there is absolutely no support for young females.


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      Groups like this only help girls and female victims. They refuse to extend any help to boys or men that have endured the same thing. As such, I would refuse to give them any money on principle.


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        Just seen another campaign, this time taxpayer funded, that focusses solely on men and boys as abusers, and girls and women as the victims.‎

        This campaign was heavily featured on national TV. About ten or twelve short films, every single one demonising men and refusing to acknowledge any abuse committed by women.

        There is a comments page against each video - I urge you to let them know what you think. On one of the pages, someone has successfully raised this issue.

        The reply from the administrator states unequivocally;

        "this campaign is focusing on men abusing women" ... but ... "we are taking in to consideration feedback for future campaigns"
        Yeah right. 10 nationally aired commercials showing women abusing men? That'll be the day.
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          The funny thing is that the admins know this is happening and refer all the men that are victims to another organization that is dedicated to help them.


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            I'm currently trying to get some traction going on having resources with teen male victims in mind
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