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Raising minimum wage will shrink the gender wage gap ??

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  • Raising minimum wage will shrink the gender wage gap ??

    national association of women

    "In two weeks, the U.S. Senate will vote -- or not vote -- on a bill to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour. This one change would shrink the gender wage gap by nearly five percent, according to a report by the White House Council of Economic Advisors. Two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women. More than 70 percent of restaurant servers are women. More than 75 percent of women making minimum wage are over 20, and many have children to support. These are not pompom girls looking for lipstick money. Given that raising the minimum wage is the most achievable equality issue on the table, why isn't Sheryl sitting at that table -- better yet, pounding on that table -- with all the rest of us "working together toward equality"?"

    I think increasing the minimum wage will increase the labor cost and that will increase the prices and the economy will find a new equilibrium which will not be much different than the last one and then $10.10 will be the new $7.25. This inflation will make rich richer and poor poorer. Another consequences would be that it will no longer profitable for businesses to run and therefore, many businesses will close down resulting in a loss of many jobs.

    I am not seeing how it will help. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Any thought?
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    yet more proof women don't really understand economics, if you raise the wage employers are required to pay employees the companies can't afford to have as many employees. this change actually favors men who usually prefer full time employment to part time or flex time.
    and as they say over 70% of minimum wage workers are female, if your going to cut down the number of employees and you need one person who's willing and able to do the work of two women then that's going to have to be a Man.
    "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle


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      Just found this interesting snippet from the UK Office of National Statistics at

      Mmmmm, numbCruncher likes tasty numbers. Yum yum.

      Figures are in UK pounds.

      Both women's and men's earnings rise sharply from 16 to 30. During that time, the "wage gap" is virtually non-existent. Then during their 30s women's wages peak and begin a slow decline, while men's continue to rise until their fifties.

      Now what life choices might women be making in their thirties that might have an impact on their earnings?


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        I'm for increasing the minimum wage but reading privileged, educated and wealthy feminists play fast and loose with the statistics to make every goddam problem on earth far worse for women than it is for men drives me crazy at this point. I'm a working class stiff and I've done everything from bucking hay and rolling barrels to building boats and killing chickens. I even bussed tables and drove an ice cream truck. I've known many women who worked for tips and as a busboy I was actually dependent on them to tip me out a share of what the customers left on the table. Busboys made the same $2.12 an hour as the waitresses but we had to rely on them not to short us at the end of the night. We were all taxed on the assumption that the average tip is 10% so each server's tickets would all be added up and there was regularly a "Sorry honey, we didn't do very well tonight" moment at the end of the shift where they would hand me twelve bucks and walk out with what I suspected was a couple hundred for themselves. We couldn't force them to count it in front of us so we relied on the decent ones who weren't always reaching into extra pockets behind their aprons. I've also waited tables myself and the difference between tips left for male and female waitstaff can be amazing. Particularly when they're attractive. It's not that they don't get shitty tippers too sometimes but the really extravagant tips are almost always given by male patrons to waitresses. A couple of those a night and suddenly you're in a whole different tax bracket. If you were stupid enough to report it I mean. I dated a few waitresses after I left the food service industry too. They didn't make as much as the strippers I knew but it was as good as I made swinging a hammer on the job site.

        I am so sick of feminists whining and it really disgusts me that we end up having to point out all the injustices that we men have born in silence for so long just to try to get them to SHUT THE FUCK UP! The only reason I have to waste so much energy pointing out to rich bitches that it's not all skittles and beer over here either is because I'm finally sick of them twisting EVERYTHING into their own personal crown of thorns that is somehow my fault. Because patriarchy or they didn't end up liking the Barbies they made their daddies to buy them.

        Gah. Sorry, that women's law site really annoyed me. So much wrong there to rage at.
        well, let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet.


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          Originally posted by humann View Post
          Sorry, that women's law site really annoyed me. So much wrong there to rage at.
          No need to apologise for getting angry about that here!

          I think either more women will get sacked because their employers can't afford to pay them, or prices will rise. Probably a bit of both.

          Remember too that the "wage gap" quoted by feminists never takes into account the extra benefits women receive from the state. Or alimony / child support, of which women receive a far greater amount than men. Not even the graph above shows it, and it is prepared by the ONS, an organisation with a track record of challenging feminist bullshit about the "wage gap" (see


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            If we really want the pay gap to be narrowed, we have to veto the choices women make when they choose to let a man support them financially. And how do we do that? Make sure divorce laws give man custody of children and zero alimony to a woman. Or, if a woman gets child custody, the man pays heavily audited child support payments, where 100 percent of the child support goes to child care and zero goes to her. And, if she doesn't earn enough money on her own to take care of herself too -- she loses the child and he gets it.

            If you changed divorce laws like that, women would stop cutting back on work to take care of their children. But the reason why women do that is because they know if they get divorced, they can sue for child support and alimony and get it. Why try as hard at work if you don't have to because you have a man to pay your way?