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Who receives more education?

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  • Who receives more education?

    It would have been really interesting to see some estimated numbers on how long women in general stay in their profession of choice, before they choose to become full time stay-at-home mothers, and what those choices means in terms of financial losses for the different nations economy, when they no longer benefit from their presence on the job market.

    If we add the figures those countries have to pay men in social security, when they are forced into unemployment due to affirmative actions and so on, this seems like a financially catastrophic solution to just about every long term economic aspect worth mentioning.

    I'm all for providing people with choices, but when we witness, as an example, a majority of female doctors, lawyers, and so on leaving the job market for good within the first decade after graduating, how does that go hand in hand with the attempts to limit the financial recession, when the majority of those that receive those educations are no longer there to be counted with?
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