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7 dead babies...

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  • 7 dead babies...

    Heard on the radio today, seven dead babies were found in cardboard boxes tucked away in a garage. The probable father had found them while cleaning the garage, and called the police; they discovered that the man's wife was the mother and killer. Investigation is ongoing, and murder charges have been laid.

    There's more to this story than what has been said. I'm wondering why the guy was in jail to begin with.
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    I saw this, and was wondering how she was able to hide being pregnant SEVEN times.

    Like seriously, how? Is she a land whale?!


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      @Shadizar: According to some news sources, the man in question was in jail on charges of possession of substances with intent to make meth.

      Although I can't quite figure out WHEN he was in jail-or whether the time of his imcarceration overlaps when the babies were allegedly born-and killed. I gather the police are doing DNA testing at this point.

      @Usagi: LOL. Land Whate. Flashback to SNL and land sharks.
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