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French school rape case: unprecedented DNA tests for all male teachers and students

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    Well just for accuracy : Since 1100AD France has fought around 68 wars. Winning 45, lost 17 and 6 draws.


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      Originally posted by Androgen View Post
      These women are going to completely destroy western culture and see it conquered by something much more misogynistic.
      What does that mean?


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        Originally posted by wakingthegiant View Post
        Well just for accuracy : Since 1100AD France has fought around 68 wars. Winning 45, lost 17 and 6 draws.
        Tell me about all of those victories.

        The ancient shitposter returns.


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          List of major wars France have won

          Wars of Charlemagne (768-814)
          Norman Conquest of England (1066)
          First Crusade (1096-99)
          Hundred Years' War (1337-1453)
          War of the Holy League (1508-16)
          Franco-Spanish War (1635)
          Franco-Dutch War (1678)
          War of the Reunions (1683-84)
          War of the Quadruple Alliance (1718-20)
          War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48)
          American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)
          French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802) (this is not the French Revolution)
          War of the First Coalition (1793-97)
          War of the Second Coalition (1799-1802)
          War of the Oranges (1801)
          War of the Third Coalition (1803-06)
          War of the Fourth Coalition (1806-07)
          War of the Fifth Coalition (1809)
          Greek War of Independence (1821-30)
          French Conquest of Algeria (1830-47)
          Crimean War (1853-56)
          Second Opium War (1856-60)
          Second Italian War of Independence (1859)
          Mandingo Wars (1883-98)
          Sino-French War (1884-85)
          First Franco-Dahomean War (1890)
          Second Franco-Dahomean War (1892-94)
          Franco-Siamese War (1893)
          Boxer Rebellion (1899-1901)
          Wadai War (1909-11)
          World War I (1914-18)
          Rif War (1920)
          World War II (1939-45)
          Gulf War (1990-91)

          I might take issue with WW2 as a win but fact is they did have forces outside of France when they surrendered to Germany and those forces did take part of some pretty important battles but meh....I'm not a Historian.

          Good site to see a decent list of won and lost battles:


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            Originally posted by wakingthegiant View Post
            List of major wars France have won:
            World War II (1939-45)

            Kissing the ass of whichever military currently occupies your country does not count as a victory. As for the French forces that did shit during WW2, they were almost exclusively the foreign legion. Likewise, the Normans were vikings living in France and not really French, the Grand Armee had a huge amount of foreigners and was lead by an Italian (who lost anyways). Some of the wars listed there France had little participation in and did not affect the outcome of too much (Boxer Rebellion, American Revolutionary War; in the boxer rebellion, they did not significantly affect the outcome and performed poorly without assistance (see:French losses siege of Beijing, stealing credit from the Japanese for recapturing the Beitang Cathedral), and in the American rebellion, they won two battles at the end of the war).

            Now, they did beat a bunch of rebels in Mali- but the rebels were armed with nothing bigger than a few technicals, and France had tanks and jets, so it's the equivalent of beating up the school bully that your 7 year old kid is having a problem with.
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              meh...take it up with historians... I care little.
              Anyways we are derailing this thread.

              p.s. love that gif


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                Normandy was it's own country bro.

                P.S. Until today I thought we won the 100 years war and ended it because of manpower exhaustion rather than continuing until we could reclaim our lost territories.
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                  The ancient shitposter returns.


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                    pk, one of the few things that the French did right

                    I love being a traceur


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                      There was a case where i live that involved three missing women (2 bodies were found) and police suspected it was a taxi driver. They wanted to dna test all male taxi drivers. Those that refused were subjected to public smear campaign. Media were at their homes before the police executed search warrants etc.

                      Yeah you have the right to refuse, but it will cost you dearly to exercise that right.

                      Good point usagi about the double standard when it comes to paternity.

                      What can I say?