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Sheryl Sandberg and the guardian...

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  • Sheryl Sandberg and the guardian...

    Sheryl Sandberg continues her hypocritical diatribe at the guardian.
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    Women Against Feminism.

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    Oddly enough she wasn't bad in this one.

    Did you notice in the beginning, when the lady told her that certain feminists feel like they covered everything and they were mad at her for not giving them enough credit and having a different slant from what their slant was, she talked in a way that expressed a certain amount of frustration at those 70's feminists, kind of like saying they have failed so new approaches need to be tried.

    It is true, there are many ways in which feminist definitions of female advancement that occurred since the 70's were really bad definitions -- which created pink collar ghettos of unhappy female workers. Sandberg talks about their failure to get women into leadership roles. But it isn't just leadership roles. It's, if you aren't in a leadership role, there surely are better opportunities for you than to be stuck in a strict 9 to 5 job in a work place full of frenemies processing paperwork and dealing with all sorts of nasty office politics and running around like a chicken with your head cut off because you don't have any time.

    Their anti-intellectualism discouraged women from the sciences and ended up shunting women into professions defined by feminist political patronage -- which are "jobs for women" built on a foundation of sand. Because, it's all about stuff like defining masculinity as an illness, and then employing women to "treat" masculinity either through sensitivity training or prescribing ritalin or other stuff, or you know all that. There are things women can do which are so much more worthwhile than that.