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    Originally posted by cpb View Post
    Ok, I have this concept floating around in my head but I can't fully form it. Maybe someone else can pick it up and run with it.

    Enthusiastic consent, as a concept, refers to whether 'yes means yes'.

    Can the same yardstick be applied to reproductive rights? The fact that I fucked you doesn't mean I give permission for you to get fertilised, I.e. It is not acceptable to lie about your contraceptive status. You are assuming that when I fucked you I was ok with that possible consequence, but did you get my "clear unambiguous enthusiastic consent' to provide you with child support for 18 years?

    Only fathers whose name appears on the birth certificate should be assumed to have given consent to the child's parenthood. This whole "Her body, her choice, his bill" has to change.
    No consent to sex means rape. No consent to parenthood means genetic rape, as far as I'm concerned.
    Gender is a grammatical distinction and applies to words only. Sex is natural distinction and applies to living objects.


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      Problem you have is that there is no actual defence around the whole mens rea bit...
      And it appears to be retroactive - a bit like a "consent annulment".


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        Usually with a deal working for the father to have custody of the newborn, he pays all the prenatal and delivery expenses for her time and hardships. This ought to be a fair deal to entice women to allow the baby to come to term on the father's request.
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          Originally posted by Deidre View Post
          If you don't trust the word of the woman you're about to sleep with...wear a condom when in doubt. If she insists she's on the pill or some other form of contraception, but YOU still have doubts...protect yourself.
          You should have also mentioned that you must ensure that she does not sabotage your condom(s).

          Many years ago I was with a girl who would sneak a condom out of my wallet, prick a hole in it with a sewing needle and then replace it when I wasn't looking. I couldn't figure out why the condoms were bursting open during use until a mutual female friend clued me in as to what this girl was doing. Subsequent inspection of my condoms revealed that this was indeed what was going on.

          It had never even previously occurred to me that someone would actually do something like this...
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