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(MGTOW) are female friends worth it?

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  • (MGTOW) are female friends worth it?

    The title says it all not dating, not Friends with benefits. True friendship and I just wanted to throw out there how difficult it seems to be. First off I want to add it's difficult making friends with anyone especially as an adult. You have your work friends, Drinking friends, Your marriage friends. The last one means other married couples that only associate with you, because you share the common state of marriage. To me, while comforting, none of the mention things is true friendship and the only people I have felt this way with are other males. I have tried throughout my life to embrace the philosophy that anyone can be a friend to you. It just seems like there is a barrier between men and women for whatever reason that gets in the way.

    The blue pill to me seem's more like a blue bottle of alcohol and the red pill is your AA sponsor that you ignore the calls from. The sense that the blue alcohol gives you comforts you, but at the same time eats away at your soul. The false promises of a loving wife that will never leave you, a lovely house with a white picket fence and children that you can give a better life to. But just like coming out of a drunken haze you start to see the realities of your life and then many problems men face in this day and age. Then the red AA counselor is there waiting for you after your latest binge. He's harsh at first for you falling off the wagon again, but like any good addiction counselor doesn't leave and helps you back to day one.

    The reason I mention that story is I want the honest opinion of whether it is worth seeking friendship with women. I feel I'm ready, because I really just want to make other connections with people that are more worth then any romantic relationship. I feel that not just marriage, but all romance is not worth it for lack of being expected to give up part of yourself to make it work. I try to reach out to other women, but I get ignored more often then not as if they think I'm some beta(nice guy) looking to make a bait and switch out of the friendzone. I just want companionship that is real and not based on false promises and a legal system that chews people up and spits them out.

    Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. cheers.

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    Don't look to women for 'true' friendship. It's not something a woman is cabable of.

    Women don't form friendships they build alliances. Fragile ones at that. And they abandon alliances that outlive their usefulness in favor of more useful ones with a sort of ruthlessness that often baffles the male mind.

    Suppose you have a female friend and unite over a shared hobby...(already a rarity since the average woman today doesn't actually have a hobby that isn't wasting a man's money on useless shit and the only other reason a man has to spend time with a woman is their biological drive to fuck each other).

    It always goes one of a handful of ways none of them conducive to what the male mind understands as 'a true friendship'...

    Female friendships come and go. They aren't like the male friends that you've known since you were buddies who'd take a bullet for you and visa versa. The female mind isn't wired for that kind of friendship.

    1)If she's uglier than you...she will form an attraction to you, you'll let her down and the friendship will end.

    2)If she's will form an attraction to her, she will let you down and the friendship will end.

    3)If the friendship becomes a relationship...then all that relationship bullshit will creep into the dynamic slowly but surely in the end.

    4)If she has a boyfriend...he will pressure her into seeing you less and less OR she will start to bitch and moan about him to you more and more. Turning you from a friend into an emotional tampon.

    5)If she GETS a boyfriend...she will disappear off your radar faster than you can say; 'hey didn't we used to be buddies?'

    6)If you have a girlfriend...your girlfriend will put an end to your friendship with her.

    7)If you GET a girlfriend...your friend will profess her undying love to you and try and fuck you; see 3)
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      the bitter reality of the red pill as usual. Of course always true and to the point. I see what you mean that even if there isn't the initiation of romance the possibility of it taints the relationship. As if a jailer made friends with a inmate. No matter how good of buds they become the possibility of abuse from either person is too great. thanks for the insight.


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        You can have friendships with women, but their depth is limited. Don't expect anything in return. If you do, you only have yourself to blame for your hurt feelings.
        I used to think collapse was inevitable. Now I realize it is necessary.

        It was only a matter of time before the bicycles realized that they in fact did not need the fish.


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          It depends what you're looking for in a friendship. If you want the usual stuff like companionship, trust, loyalty and respect then your best bet would be to get a dog...
          "The truth is sometimes a poor competitor in the market of ideas" George F. Kennan


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            Be prepared to do tons of favors for her with nothing but a smile as compensation. Otherwise she'll just ditch you and select a housebroken man instead.

            Not to sound racist or sexist, but I find it odd how every attractive college girl has exactly one Asian friend to help her with her homework.


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              I was once in a Business Law Class taught by an old Prof who had been an Intelligence Officer during WW2. What he had to say translates well to this "We can be friends" (bat eye lashes)

              "Beware of those who try to enlist you into their struggles, as you will find that you have more to give than they do".

              When a girl says we can be friends ? Is she saying to herself, "Oh goodie, now I got a guy to use any way I can".

              I've read in such books as "The Sweet Potato Queens" (a southern version of Red Hat Ladies) where they lay out male friends like this:

              A woman needs 5 men in her life:

              1) A man she can just talk with

              2) A man who can fix her broking "things".

              3) A man who can buy things for her.

              4) A man who can take her dancing.

              5) A man who can take her to bed and give her the best sexing she's ever had.

              The nicest thing about having these 5 men in place of just one to do it all is only one of them needs to be straight.

              From "The Sweet Potato Queen's Field Guide to Men"


              But what I like best about the Internet, is that I can be friends with the women I choose and be no one from no where
              and nearly impossible for them to use. If they do start trying to design on me, spin a sob story, or just bore me, I simply fade.
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                Female friends are only worth it if they just remain friends and nothing more.
                The less female friends you have, the better.
                If they take it any further, then it's time to toss the fish back.
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                  Women are great for parties and group activities, if you enjoy those sorts of events. They add a new dynamic, and most guys seem to like them around . If you go into more serious, competitive activities they'll probably be more of a distraction than a participant.

                  As for individual friendships? Nope. In my life I've had strong friendships with men, and most often their girlfriends either threatened those friendships or put a huge barrier in front of them. My own contact with girls has been infrequent, but generally tends to revolve around favors they ask of me, then walk away afterwards whether I say yes or no. Of all the people I've done favors for women are the most likely to completely forget the favors done, and even go a step farther and accuse me of never doing anything for them. Reciprocation is rare and surprising.
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                    No question women are capable of true friendship, it's just a small amount of them because I can honestly say my male friends have never really wronged me if they did it was something small, but every female friend I have ever had, has at one point. And I had a friendship with a woman that lasted like 8 years and it got ruined so easily. My guy friends can go 2 years without talking to me, and could come hang out with me like it was 2 days.
                    But none of my guy friends do I expect anything in return besides like. Friendship. Just hang out and be my friend?
                    My husband has kept a close female friend sense high school as well, she is a cool girl and I would never make him stop being friends with her.
                    The biggest problem with having male friends would be if he thought I was incapable of a good honest friendship just because I am a woman.
                    I would take a bullet for my male friends, no doubt.
                    The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers.


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                      I have recently been of the mindset of, "Let women make the first gesture of friendship." Basically, make them give of themselves before you start investing emotional energy into keeping them around. Circle of friends I have, there have been women advocated for me on occasion as a starter, and others who showed how much interest they had in a common hobby. They made the effort first.

                      Got to know them, and have proven honorable on more than a few occasions. They have to prove they are worth my time.


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                        Friendships with women are viable, but just a little more complicated. You have to keep things simple and demand reciprocity.

                        Just make sure its a friendship and not a power dynamic and you'll be fine.


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                          Don't spend a fucking nickle on them, for any damnable reason.

                          Anyhow, I had a brainfart and had to share...

                          Men's Guide To Outrage Women (a masturbater's aid to self-satisfaction)

                          RWBY is Legend. Honey Badgers

                          Women Against Feminism.

                          Logic trumps ignorance, but emotion retards edification.


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                            A good rule of thumb that I'm starting to use with both Male and Female friends when i question their sincerity is to go out of my way to do something social with them. It doesn't matter if it is accepted or not, but I really make the effort. The next contact is on them. If I don't hear from them in like 3 months, they get plucked out of the address book.
                            I used to think collapse was inevitable. Now I realize it is necessary.

                            It was only a matter of time before the bicycles realized that they in fact did not need the fish.


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                              Originally posted by pbisque View Post
                              A good rule of thumb that I'm starting to use with both Male and Female friends when i question their sincerity is to go out of my way to do something social with them. It doesn't matter if it is accepted or not, but I really make the effort. The next contact is on them. If I don't hear from them in like 3 months, they get plucked out of the address book.
                              Yeah I pretty much do the same as you now.