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''Anti-Feminist Feminism''

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  • ''Anti-Feminist Feminism''

    A rough draft about an idea I've had for years:

    ''For quite some time I've had the idea to create a mock-Feminist group who actually looks and acts like a regular M.(H.)R.A. group, only uses Feminist language to fight them, for example if a Feminist would say that gender-quota's need to be implemented to help women the A.F.F. (Anti-Feminist Feminist) would say ''it's misogynistic because it assumes that women can't get those jobs on their own''. Even if the movement wouldn't be successful it would arouse major paranoia among the gynocentric groups (especially the Feminists) thinking that a Feminist who thinks differently over one issue is secretly ''an M.(H.)R.A. Agent''. Still, people like Christina Hoff Sommers who have pointed out the many fallacies of the Gender-Feminists has often reached the mainstream media.

    Alimony is misogyny because it makes women look juvenile and takes away their agency.

    Saying ''the men & women of the military/police/fire-fighters'' ignores all ''other genders''.

    Something that has always been of great irritation of mine is that whenever a mostly male group of people who do anything the public deems worthy of praise it's called ''the men & women of...'', rather than saying the shorter ''the people of the military/police/fire-fighters''.

    Or how saying that video-games need to change is a form of misogyny because it assumes that women only have one type of taste and that by forcing game developers to adapt to things deemed ''feminine'' traditionally (such as less ''violence against women'', but all the violence against men the games can contain) that they categorize women into mono-minded groups without diversity.

    In fact Facebook pages like ''I don't need Feminism'', the Anti White Knight Coalition, the United Anti-Feminist Coalition, Etc. have already done things like this, but never under the banner of ''Feminism'', now imagine if women who call themselves Feminists will say ''I'm a Feminist and I think that [a statement another Feminist (just) said] is misogynist because...''.''

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    I agree that Culture Jamming is a tactic underused by the MRHM.



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      Uniting against an emotional based single-minded harmful ideology is a good idea. And the only strategy that truly works in the long run. As individual level or even little group level the reasonable people get eventually crushed by the sheer majority of feminism/white knight minded people and their backing up of eachother. No matter how factual and reasonable the arguments and evidence are. But if there is an equal force then the facts and reason is more taken in to account. Feminists have learned to have an general advantage and assumed higher moral ground from the start. Aka support from the big part of public, basically all western goverments and even from united nations of their ideology. So they have very powerful allies. We don't yet, but there is no reason why we wouldn't also get ones in the future.