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¿American two party systems to blame?

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  • ¿American two party systems to blame?

    I realised something today, literally every group I found online knows about their adversaries in details, I came to realise this when remembering a clip from American Dad where a Neo-Nazi kid tells something about Jewish culture, this isn't unheard of. I remember when I was a young kid I wanted to understand white nationalists, as a Black kid in a (then) very white and Asian province (now we have lots of immigrants, but back then there weren't many other Africans), something I found out was how well schooled most people on Stormfront were in race-related issues, they were very familiar with all court cases in those U.S.A. revolving around race, they actually knew that ''Hispanics'' and ''Latino's'' aren't a genetic group and in fact Stormfront has a very active and prominent Latin-American forum (completely in Castilian), as an anti-theist I find a lot of atheists who use theistic holy scripts against them, in fact DarkAntics (another channel of DarkMatter2525) knows how often every Islamic prophet's name appears in the Qur'an when debunking a Republican speaker who said that Americans ''don't pray to Allah'' comparing it to saying that one can just as well say ''I love green, but I hate verde''. Further I've been around the web and have constantly seen Libertarians quote parts of Das Kapital when they try to debunk Marxists, and Socialists well-versed in the works of John Locke and Ayn Rand to debunk the aforementioned Libertarians and Anarcho-Capitalists, most far-left people are very researched on the topic of Nazism and Fascism, and religious familiar with atheistic philosophy, Etc.

    To keep it short every group is well-versed in the history of their ''enemies'', it's ''know thy enemy'' in its purest form, much like how people here are probably better lettered in Feminist literature than most Feminists themselves. During my entire time on the internet I've actually only met one exception, Feminists, well two, general anti-M.(H.)R.A.'s often they can't name any men's rights issue, only recently have some become better versed in what we deal with, and usually then they do acknowledge that it's a problem (read, usually, not always) in fact Bane666Australia did a part on that where he said that in the past Feminists tended to be completely ignorant of our issues before dismissing us, but that they now would mention the issue and say ''women have it worse''.

    But still when debating most anti-Men's Rights people we constantly have to explain that we're the opposite of Conservatives because we're against gender rôles, but I still constantly get the ''you just want to go back to the 1950's'' tantrum thrown at me, I think a part of how we have to debate others is by mentioning our issues more. So I wanted to ask ¿how often do you see anti-Men's Rights people well-versed in our cause? ¿and do you see it more often now?

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    Excuse me for the old title, I was meant to correct it, but I think that I'll just explain it in a reply here.

    ''¿American two party systems to blame? ''

    Is a reference to a way American politics work and how I wanted to explain as to why most online Feminists make so many blind assumptions about the Men's (HUman) Rights Movement. Here in the Kingdom of the Netherlands there's a clear point to when the 2nd wave of Feminism ended, it was when abortion was legalised and the Feminist organisations of the time abolished themselves because their goals were accomplished, meanwhile in those United States of America there's a raging debate going on whether we're still ''in the 2nd Wave of Feminism'', or ''if the 3rd wave has arrived'', or ''if we're already in the 4th wave'', in fact calling them ''waves'' would be stupid because literally no 2nd WAVE fEMINIst organisation has been abolished in any English-speaking country, whenever I read Feminist history about women's rights groups I find that all of those groups are still active in one form or another today.

    ¿how are American politics involved? Well U.S. America has a 2 party system and by assuming that the other party thinks the opposite about an issue as what you think isn't wrong... ever, think for example how the Republicans, the party that abolished slavery and gave Black Americans the right to vote in many states are now seen as ''the descendants of slave owners'' because they turned into the opposite of the Democrats when the Democrats started using ''pro-African'' rhetoric during the late 1960's, and in America people push their political beliefs to the extreme, for example the idea of ''post-natal abortions'' (the idea that a woman has ''the right to choose'' to ''abort'' a child before the age of 4, or 5, or 6, depends on who you'd ask) was brought up by ''pro-lifers'' (how U.S. Americans that are against abortions call themselves) to describe the future of ''pro-choicers'' (how U.S. Americans that are for abortions call themselves) this at the time seemed like a mad blowing out of proportions of the stance of pro-abortion activists, but very recently Thunderf00t had a Feminist in a video that not only supported late term abortions, but also ''post-natal abortions'', she said that she didn't think that ''fetuses and infants are people and deserve the same rights as people'', so by the nature of U.S. American politics where also the whole Feminist idea of ''men as the enemy'' (while in the U.K. this was taken from the Socialist class warfare system) they paint all men as the enemy.

    Because those United States of America has global ''soft power'' many American ideas like ''the battle of the sexes'' or ''the war of the sexes'' constantly get exported and that's why someone thousands of kilometres away from the American shore grows up seeing American misandry and get be driven bitter by it, in my country ''3rd wave Feminists'' (I think putting Feminist ''waves'' into quotes would better explain how they're more of ''a stream'' since the 1960's) have only come up recently and come echoing the ideas of Tumblr-Feminists, this was the dark side of American global ''soft power'', not only the virtues of one country gets exported, also their sins...