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Righteous violence against MRAs

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  • Righteous violence against MRAs

    So there is this NetFilx show i have never seeing ore ehar about it on my life... but it come up on my news alerts for MRSa...

    So here is the 3 paragraphs about it:

    Before she became a zombie, Sheila was a shy doormat, bullied by her boss and going nowhere in her career. But zombification empowers her. She has more energy, more purpose and a better sex life. In season two, she quits the job where her boss continually steals her ideas, and in season three she and Joel start their own realty company.

    Sheila doesn't just personally self-actualize; she also becomes more socially and politically active. In addition to hunting Nazis, in the third season she embraces feminist solidarity by eating a men's rights activist who has been stalking and harassing his ex-wife. "Women and their ridiculous diets!" the jerk snarks shortly before she tears out his throat with her teeth.

    Women heroes perpetrating righteous violence and mayhem are more present on screen than they used to be. It's less common, though, to see men leaning into the traditionally female secondary spheres of caring and support.
    So... good job MRAs... all you wanted was to bring awareness on men issues and all you archive is to be the villains of some TV show... next to Nazis of course...

    And how symbolic is that... she attacked the throat of the MRA. I think this is the first instance of a feminist attacking a man and not castrating him upfront... she went for his ability to talk no his ability to fuck... I think there is some insight on what kind of threat MRAs represent to feminism... usually men represent rape, masculinity and virility, hence the castration...

    And then there is that line... "righteous violence"... and then have the guts to claim that they are not about hating men... she is consider nothing less than a hero.

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    Seems like a trash show so I haven't watched it and it's healthier to just not stupefy oneself watching TV shows a lot, but 100% agree. I was quite annoyed with that.


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      The first time I saw a feminist take on the media was in the 70's. A Bond film was released, and the Times a reviewer, who was a stout feminist, praised the film as great fun, as Bond dispatched the bad guys. Note the word 'guys', But while she thought it fun to see Bond killing men, she took a dim view of the fact that he killed one woman, just one, as she said that showed a hatred of women. That was the start of the feminist agenda in the media, and now it's progressed to an ever growing number of men hating films and tv shows, like Xena, Buffy, Agent Carter, Wonder Woman, and many more, the latest being 'A Vigilante', where women kill men. Feminists say that the portrayal of the genders in film influences public attitudes, and so it does, so portrayals of men being killed in film servers the feminist agenda, that male life is of little value.