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Muslim country rejects feminism.

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  • Muslim country rejects feminism.

    After all the pretty displays of Islam promotion on US feminist demonstrations... Muslim countries have not problem trowing feminism into the trash can.

    Bringing back the question... what where they thinking???

    Their rejection of feminism is based on the assertion that "my body is not mine, but rather Allah's"
    Priceless... LOL

    Great work smashing patriarchy :P

    Indonesia Without Feminists' slogan #UninstallFeminism reflects a growing, tech-savvy ultra-conservative movement that appeals to millennials with memes and graphics, that more mainstream, moderate organisations have failed to emulate.
    Calling it silly memes is right upfront dishonest...

    This is the Twitter page for the hashtag:

    At this moment on the top of a page I have this: "What we so often forget is that God has honored the woman by giving her value in relation to God—not in relation to men. But as Western feminism erases God from the scene, there is no standard left—except men" -Yasmin Mogahed

    There is also a number of western feminists (women and maginas) posting on unbelieving of what they see...

    Meanwhile, experts have highlighted recently that the movement also signals a marked shift towards women becoming more involved in explicitly anti-feminist activities.
    Maybe they just see how a liberated woman looks like and they much rather prefer no to take such a deal for themselves... Maybe they think they are better off without feminism? maybe they don't want to destroy their culture the way we did here?

    Women have become increasingly mobilised by hard-line Islamic groups and political parties in Indonesia.
    Internalized patriarchy? LOL

    A recent report from the Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict argued the mass movement against former Jakarta governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama had "activated women's political agency along conservative lines".
    Ah they already had a feminist government that started messing up stuff?

    "[These campaigners believe] mothers must mobilise against Jokowi in order to protect their children from un-Godly communism, homosexuality and other moral threats associated with Jokowi's camp," the report said.
    I really liking this Islam stuff... i think I should convert...

    Western women call a liberal education oppressive and conspire to bring Islamic religion indoctrination as... progressive? I seriously think we all should embrace Islam...

    "[Mothers] are seen as the educators and the guardian of the family's — even the nation's — morals," Ms Kartika said.
    "Guardians of the family"... gotta admit that it sounds a lot better than "narcissistic sociopaths"...

    For Australian medical anthropologist Linda Rae Bennett, the Indonesia Without Feminists movement and other women-led conservative activism is a response to a proposed anti-sexual violence bill.
    Sounds like they are protesting Planet Parenthood... LOL

    Dr Bennett described new anti-feminist activism as a "proxy war" against the law backed by powerful male figures, who would stand to lose their right to have sex with their wives whenever they like.
    I like it how feminism construct this arguments that women does not have self agency or ability to think for their selves and they just proxies of evil men...

    The ABC reached out to Indonesia Without Feminists, who did not respond to requests for comment.
    And don't bother to entertain fake news... awesome stuff. LOL