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I live as a feminist, but I’m tired of being so furious all the time

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  • I live as a feminist, but I’m tired of being so furious all the time

    A new feminist sent a letter to an online expert, to ask if one can be a feminist and don't have to hate so much all the time... because it jsut take so much energy and she gets tires of it:

    Ever since I made the conscious decision to live my life fully as a feminist, it has been fraught with conflict and stress. I’m determined to make a mental note of any discrimination against my gender, to open my eyes and stop editing out instances – on the television, internet, radio and day-to-day life – of women being treated differently to men. I’ve also stopped putting a man’s psychological comfort ahead of my own – at work, in the street, in a queue, at home, in the pub, everywhere. My conflict and stress don’t originate in interactions or arguments with others, but from the mental effort of attempting not to live in a dreamlike state, ignoring evidence everywhere, all the time. What advice do you have so that I can manage the fury of being downgraded daily because I’m female, and at the same time endure women being ridiculed, ignored or simply laughed at by men who just dismiss it as an angry made-up “female” thing?
    I am tempted to give this feminist my opinion on her problem... but decided to jsut leave it like this and see if others want to have a go at it... also can clink the link and read the 1 page answer to this question, given by the online expert. but it basically comes down to this: "So, my advice is to stop raging."