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The Cool Girl Trope, Explained

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  • The Cool Girl Trope, Explained

    Video of a woman dissecting the "cool girl"... using multiple cultural references.

    So basically it manage to explain the chamaleonic nature of women, but blame it on men, and missoginy... as in... if men accepted women as they are, then women would not need to pretend to be cool or anything else.

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    well .... mainly another example of that whatever you do for women, even as specified by women, to make them happy, they'll find reasons to be unhappy - "no, that wasn't it ...!".
    All the supporting "arguments" are just made up post hoc in order to fill out the advertiser-friendly 10 min Youtube video duration.

    Hence the arguments do not have to be very strong to get the message across to all the boys (give up, you'll never make it) and girls (never give up!). For instance, criticizing public entertainment using a public entertainment product like "Gone Girl" as theoretical platform. Not exactly prime scholarship.
    All entertainment extracts from real life and condenses into a narrative. For women, it is the man who is young, handsome, rich and in love with them for their personality. For men, it is to find the one woman who stands out from the grey herd of dull wives-to-be, a woman who actually seems to have interests, humour, quirks ... something eerily like a personality. Someone with whom to play life as the game it is, not the drudgery it usually becomes.
    And that story has been with us since Adam and Eve, since Helen of Troy ... (a video with failed historic research, too)
    Or, to keep it reasonably modern, since The Lady of Camelias (sp?), the silent movie Vamp, the Femme Fatale, the It Girl in her various incarnations of the twenties, fifties, sixties ... up to today's Manic Pixie Dream Girl of fame: "Manic Pixie Dream Girl is here to give new meaning to the male hero's life! She's stunningly attractive, energetic, high on life, full of wacky quirks and idiosyncrasies (generally including childlike playfulness), often with a touch of wild hair dye. She's inexplicably obsessed with our stuffed-shirt hero, on whom she will focus her kuh-razy antics until he learns to live freely and love madly ..."
    In Vladimir Propp's analysis of narratives, she is a subclass of 'The Donor' in many classic fairytales, a character that helps the Hero in his quest by giving him that he needs to succeed, be it advice, a map, a key, a sword, or some other magical McGuffin. And what does The Cool Girl give? Reread TvTropes: she teaches the man to live freely and love madly. IOW, TCG is nothing but a man seeking permission to live as his inner self directs him, and seeking this permission from a woman.

    So, again, it's not really about repressing women, is it?



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      If she isn't really the cool girl, how about she just stay true to herself and look for a guy who likes her kind of girl? That's the problem with that kind of dependence: the "you made me do it" argument.


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        "chameleonic nature of women." I've met many women who are actually "cool girls," they did not pay to play...they were just being. This is a commentary on those not so cool girls who have another agenda and are found wanting with their Narcissism and manipulation. Hollywood is simply profiting off this trope IMO.
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