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Men must pay because feminists really, really like free stuff

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  • Men must pay because feminists really, really like free stuff

    "I think the reality is that I am totally a feminist — I just really, really like free stuff. And if culturally accepted double standards facilitate me receiving said free stuff, I’m probably just gonna roll with it.”

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    I am a feminist. I strongly believe in the social, political, legal, and economic equality of men and women.

    Yet, on a first date, I expect the guy to pay for me.
    Of course you do. Feminism is about women gaining all the rights and privileges of men, while walking away from all the responsibilities that women had under the old order, and while leaving men with all the responsibilities and duties they had under the old order, and stripping them of the rights and privileges they previously had. A balanced system was replaced with one where all the rights and privilege went to women, while all the responsibilities and duties were given to men. People with unlimited rights and privilege, but no responsibilities are children. People with all the duties and responsibilities, but no rights are slaves.

    The Feminist future in a nutshell; female children ruling, while being supported by male slaves. Go Sisterhood.

    In order to unpack this mentality, I’ve tried to examine the why behind my expectation (and burning desire) for the guy to pay for my beer or taco?
    See above, I've explained it in simple language.

    “Feminism is about equality, which means it goes the other way too,” my friend said, when I told her about my intellectual and moral dating dilemma. “If you were to ask a guy out to a place, you should offer to pay. If you decide together to go to a place, then you should split it.” Perhaps the real feminist problem here is that I pretty much never ask guys out, because I largely abide by the societal norm that men do the asking out and women do the accepting. Thanks for that, society.
    Again, already explained.

    Another friend cited the issue of the pay gap and how that might validate this expectation for the man to pay, as a sort of balancing effect. “The fact remains that women do only earn 77 cents to a man’s dollar, so economically it’s really more fair if the guy pays, amirite?” she reasoned. “Plus, if you think about all the stupid shit we spend money on to make ourselves more attractive to men (hair removal, highlights, clothing, etc.) letting the guy pick up the first few dates is no big deal.”
    The "Pay Gap" is propaganda. It has been illegal to pay men and women different amounts for the same job and qualifications for over 60 years in the US. Women's lower pay is the result of choices they make, like easier careers, better/safer working conditions, and fewer hours.

    It’s true that societal expectations compel many women (myself included) to maintain a certain standard of beauty, which requires a huge amount of financial and emotional effort, particularly in the maintaining a façade of bodily hairlessness (the worst). And, more significantly, women typically purchase birth control, which is costly and inconvenient daily necessity. Yet, I’m not comfortable with the idea that men should cover the bill to subsidize our beauty and fertility needs, nor am I comfortable with the reality that society demands us, not our male counterparts, to maintain absurd beauty standards and ward off pregnancy. There’s something more fundamental at play here, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it really just about the money?
    Women's expectations drive the beauty war. Like Van Morrison said, "The girls all dress up for one another." Guys will take a healthy fit girl in jeans, t shirt, & sneakers, who is fun to be with, over an overweight gold digging bitch in full on Barbie Mode pretty much every time.

    I have a friend who, like me, is currently contending with this issue. She put it quite eloquently. “I think the reality is that I am totally a feminist — I just really, really like free stuff. And if culturally accepted double standards facilitate me receiving said free stuff, I’m probably just gonna roll with it.”
    Of course you will.

    The answer for this is for men to quit being chumps. No expensive dates for women you are not already fucking. They either want your dick or your resources. Test for that up front. First date coffee. Second date, frozen pizza and a movie at your place. If that's a no go, you have saved a lot of time, effort, and money.

    I like when a guy pays for dinner…
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      "Give me money! Buy me stuff! Do what I say! and if you're good and followed my orders I just might let you have sex with me, but only the way I want to."

      Yeah, is it any wonder men are going there own way and many are giving up on sex altogether.
      "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" -Edmund Burke


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        Well, congrats to her for having her cake and eating it too. She's a greedy, self-righteous bitch, and she's only going to be rewarded for that.

        But who knows. Maybe MGTOW will explode in a decade, and an older Maria Yagoda will find that all the men willing to put up with her bullshit have vanished, and she'll be left buying her own meals, alone....... Well, a man can dream, can't he?
        Like a bicycle needs a fish...


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          Great analysis Patriach. Thanks.

          Metalo and SM - I agree that MGTOW is the appropriate response, yet she publicly discloses her selfishness knowing men will still come running, wallets open.

          In my opinion MGTOW should be the MHRM's primary strategy as it is totally in our control as men.
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            "I'm a strong independent woman but I still need him to man up and pay up."

            What a parasite.
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