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Is it time that women "Woman up!", and get their thinking into the 21st century

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  • Is it time that women "Woman up!", and get their thinking into the 21st century

    Came across this.

    I thik it is time that we started making women know that the whole man pays for the first and following dates is soooooooooooo 1960's. Women earn their own money. And thay are not escorts, so why do men HAVE to be seen to be paying for their time. I really wish men could me united on this double-standard. If you want to see women leggit from feminism, just make her pay for her half of the date. The comments section in this is for fun reading, usual shit about how it's how a man proves he is interested. Da fuq!!!!!
    Stop slavery - don't marry.

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    It sure if fun reading. I've dated a couple women who would chip in on at least a 1/3rd of the dates, but the majority just sit back and let me pay all the time. Course these days it never lasts for more than a few dates and some sex. Once it's not fun, we done. I have no inclination to get married and pay all their bills - as many of these women are seeking a wallet anyway.

    Single mothers are the absolute worst about expecting you to pay all the time. They use the "I need to use all my money for the kids.", and I've seen one who couldn't even bother to chip in $1.50 for snowcones on a date, even after I bet I'd spent hundreds on her. (Note that this was my LAST, and I mean LAST relationship with a single mom, aside from brief sexual flings.)


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      That's the funny thing about the phrase "woman up". Nobody uses it seriously like they would "man up" because our culture insists on treating women as children. And contrary to their claims feminists are the worst offenders.
      Disillusionment: Another word for reality.


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        You all got that right, sick of these girls thinking they no enerything too


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          Men man up and women woman down?


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            It's not time for women to 'woman up' it's time for MEN to 'woman up'...And I ain't talking about trans people again

            Every modern woman you meet is the female equlivilant of a card carrying dandy. They have more irons in the fire than you can count. Why else would they have 500 facebook friends on a profile where their relationship status reads 'ask me' and they post up bikini photos and semi-nude selfies every other day. Hmmmmm.

            Men today can learn alot from women. Be cold. Be slick. Be smooth. Play the game. Learn to smile when you sad are and scowl when you are happy. Make them second guess what you are thinking. Become a social chess's what every woman you are dealing with is already. Don't ever make the move that feels right or comes as an impulse. Be calculating. Do the right move. Not always the move that comes first.

            Learn to play poker with your social interactions. Again it's what women are doing to you all the time.

            You fight fire with fire.
            "Being a cunt doesn't make you wrong." ComradePrescott


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              I think we are all in the midst of a gender sh**_storm. We, both genders, are seemingly caught between what our parents tell us is "correct" and the new social norms. On the one hand, most women I know want to take men they like out (they ask and pay). But, their parents tell them how detrimental this will be to the man. That he will reject them "because of ego".
              So, like I said, there are conflicts. Friends also play a part. But, I think the pendulum is centering and more women really do want to pay for dates they ask for