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The Baltimore Manual. PUA for the New alpha.

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  • The Baltimore Manual. PUA for the New alpha.

    Hello everyone i'm a member of an organization of PUA's that have been operating in the baltimore dc metro area for several years now. I've joined this forum in a confusing moment for men. It seems courtship is under threat and men can not display their sexual nature for fear of being castigated or labeled a pervert. My colleagues and I have developed a method that operates extremely effectively in this new repressed era of sexual guilt and shame. We've written a series of essays and compiled them into a book type format. We would like to know if you all are interested in reading about the Baltimore method and if so how would you like us to make it available to you?

    The baltimore method is a more practical means of picking up women and excelling socially. It doesn't rely on pseudo scientific hypnosis methods. It is extremely versatile and works on a broad variety of women as opposed to the specific bimbos that negging is effective on for example. It is also useful in the sense that it exploits the norms and rules of PC culture as well as hook up culture towards the PUA's advantage. And lastly, it offers robust lifestyle guidance so that you can achieve maximum potential. We like to say that if most PUA is tae Kwon do the baltimore method is Brazilian jujitsu. While the others might be impressive and interesting the baltimore method is practical and effective. We are excited to hear from you all!

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    PUA's generally aren't welcomed here (MRA's don't want to be linked with PUA's, largely due to the antics of Roosh and Heartiste) but if you have a pdf or manual of some sort, you could link it.

    Might make for interesting reading and discussion.

    To say courtship is under threat is an understatement.


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      I honestly never fully understood the concept of alpha and beta males and females. As a heterosexual male, while I certainly considered my wife's physical attraction and wealth before marrying her, and though I did consider those to be of importance to a degree, I placed far more value on the compatibility of our characters.

      One might say that looking at her physical attraction and wealth were examples of looking for alpha characteristics. If so, and if that's what one means by 'alpha,' then I suppose that 'alpha' qualities are important to a degree. But even if we accept that, the compatibility of characters still overrides those in importance, with these 'alpha' qualities being more of an added bonus beyond the necessary basics than an essential quality.

      As for PUAs, as far as I'm concerned, PUA is just another name for a womanizer. If we reverse the roles, would I want to date a slut? When we consider that a womanizer is just a male equivalent of a slut, and any wise man would want to avoid having sex with a slut, then why would any wise woman want to have sex with a PUA? It's a reflection of that person's character. Just as a wise man wants to marry a woman who has the strength of character to tame her libido, so a wise woman wants to marry a man who can tame his too. Otherwise one exposes himself or herself to too high a risk of STIs and other problems.

      I think one problem with feminism is its double standards: that a woman can enjoy extreme freedom without having any obligations. One thing that attracts me to the MRM (even if I don't yet identify as an MRA) is that it seems to focus more on men's obligations as well as freedoms and so maintains more of a balance between freedoms and obligations. The moment it should abandon the expectation that with freedom comes obligations, the MRM would soon start to look like just a male version of the feminist movement.