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Super Seducer coming to Steam on March 6th

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  • Super Seducer coming to Steam on March 6th

    I just learned about this game from a feminist here. Of course, according to her, it's all about turning men into stalker creeps and promoting rape culture (what else is new), but I see it more as leveling the playing field for people who are into that sort of thing. As a MGTOW, I'm not, but hey, whatever floats your boat. In any case, when's the last time you saw a Cosmo, Vogue or any other woman targeted magazine which DIDN'T include at least 1 article about how to seduce a man? Double standards much? There's no word yet on the cost or whether there's nudity in it or not (probably not, because he wants people to stream it on gaming sites), but when it's launched you'll be able to purchase/download it here. Can you imagine the holy outcry from all the pampered entitlement princess out there if/when they see this streaming on Twitch? Their salty tears will be glorious! :-)
    When a woman says to a man 'IF you really love me you would (INSERT VERB HERE)... 'IF you really love me you should buy/give/take/do X, Y, Z'... That's using...that's testing. And my answer to that is always; 'IF you loved me you wouldn't have asked that fucking question, now pack your shit and get the fuck out of my house.' - Maxx

    Asking a feminist about men's rights is like asking a cattle rancher about veganism.