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An Exchange Between My Daughter and I

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  • James (Blogger)
    Tough Love...

    Sometimes it's just has to be done if one truly loves their children...

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  • Underscore
    I'm sorry this is happening to you. I don't mind sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but you can't refute that all of this was pre-planned on your ex's part. When a relationship is over, and a divorce occurs... the woman loses her emotional control over you. She can circumvent this loss by poisoning the relationship with your progeny, enabling her to continue emotional abuse by proxy.

    Right now I'm taking my daughter to sex ed classes at our church. Say what you will about any of it, but I'm involved in the process. After the class last night I talked with her to give her my "take" on things. I know I stole this from a comedian I heard.... I showed her a picture of a cop and asked, "What does this guy do for a living?"

    She said "That's a cop."

    "How can you tell?"

    "He's wearing a police uniform"

    Then I told her, "Listen... If you wear tight shirts with plunging necklines and skirts so short people can see your underwear, if you even bother wearing any; then don't complain if men oogle at you and objectify you. They can't tell you're not a prostitute if you're wearing the uniform."

    I tell you this because a mother will never tell her daughter something like that, but it's a very important lesson. Women actively seek to take away parenting rights from men so they have sole access to educating/shaping them. Really it's no different than a certain fascist party saying, "you can oppose me, but your children are forced to go to my school. your resistance dies with you."

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  • 1ADPreacher
    Thank you folks for the support and the comments.

    Deucalion: When you said that you remind me of the time when she drove me to WalMart to get them groceries. It was when I was teaching her to drive. She's backing out and turning the wheel the wrong direction, so she would have hit the car to the right of us. She kept yelling at me that she was right. I'm talking to her calmly and rationally stating that she was going to hit the car to the right if she kept doing what she was doing. Instead of her stopping the car and straightening out she just let the car go backwards until she hit the car behind us on the next row of parked cars. She is begging for me to take the fall for her mistake. I told her of the time of when I had my first accident when I was 16 and my dad tried to take the fall for it. I told my dad that I was the one that had it, so I should take responsibility for it. My daughter ignores the lesson I gave her in personal responsibility.

    We go inside the Walmart to Customer Service to have them page the owner of the car my daughter backed into. No one came, so after 30 minutes we left the Walmart. My daughter is begging to drive back to where she is staying with her mother. I know how people get after an accident and how that increases the chances of another accident. I explained this to her, so she has a hissy fit on the way back to where they were living at. We finally get back and she flat out lies about something I said about telling her mother. I told her that I would talk to her mother for her. My daughter left out that part of what I said, so I got screamed at by the ex-wife and all of my cousins. I was also blamed for the accident.

    Your comment about my daughter being an entitled princess is an accurate one.

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  • Super Ginrai
    I hate to say this man. But she's a lost cause.

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  • Zyavol
    I'm sure glad to be one of those daughters who wised up to the BS act.

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  • Deucalion
    Jesus Christ.
    I feel bad for you, man, I really do. It's obvious you want to be a good man, to be a good father. But your daughter seems to be an entitled princess that makes your life hell if she doesn't get her way.
    Sorry this had to happen to you.

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  • 1ADPreacher
    started a topic An Exchange Between My Daughter and I

    An Exchange Between My Daughter and I

    I finally got the courage up to explain a few things about the marriage I had with my daughter's mother. I outlined all the things that she should know like her mother's dad is in prison for child molesting her aunt and him being a registered sex offender. Here is the exchange I had with her.

    "I have quite a few things to get off of my chest concerning the truth of what happened between your mother and I. First off, she cheated on me a lot when we were married, including with my dad. I caught them in bed together.

    Secondly, your Grandpa XXX went to jail for molesting your Aunt XXX. Your mother sat on the stand to testify and put him away. He's a registered sex offender.

    Thirdly, every time your mother and I separated for the four years we were married she claimed she was pregnant with twins then triplets then quintuplets. Mysteriously, she miscarried all of these children.

    Fourthly, I was cut out of your life because your mother wanted to ensure that I would never be happy and took the one thing that I actually wanted from me which was you and being a father. She wanted a divorce and I gave it to her. When it came time for me to send her the paperwork, which was the last time you and I talked when you were 3, she verbally abused me and hung up on me. There was never any divorce paperwork. I asked about it when you found me on Facebook and your mother was evasive about it. I called every courthouse in Georgia, Tennessee, and Ohio to find it and there is nothing.

    Fifthly, you will call me Dad from now on since that it only right and proper. I am half of your genetics.

    Sixthly, I tried my best to be a good father in the short amount of time I got to spend with you. I'm not going to apologize for something that is not my fault. That lies squarely with your mother and you.

    Seventhly, if you want to have a father-daughter relationship with me then you will have to show some respect, love, and common courtesy. You couldn't even bother to show me any of those things the last Christmas we had together. You couldn't take time out to make me a card or wish me a Happy Holiday.

    Eighthly, your mother had a laundry list of things I needed to do in order to get back with her the last time ie her approval. Things that included dumping my family for her and ignoring my health problems, so I would end up in an early grave. This is unacceptable. My life and my health are paramount.

    Ninethly, your mother lied to me about the last child when she said I would be apart of it like I was with you and Michael. She would set up appointments then lie to me about them. I wasn't even allowed to pick out a name for my child.

    Tenthly, your mother wanted a traditional marriage/relationship with me but was unwilling to fulfill her side of the bargain. She didn't want to be bothered with it. I was to give and she was to take.

    Make no mistake, I love you and will always love you, but I am not an ATM that you can turn to when you need money and not even have the common decency to try to have a relationship with me. I am under no obligation to return the favor because you act like I'm not your father, but you want me to do fatherly things for you. You are either all in or not at all. This means, depending upon your choices towards me will mean you either inherit everything I have or you will inherit nothing at all.

    My dad never gave me anything. I had to earn it. The car I got for my 16th birthday I had to work it off at his garage. The same will be said of me to you. You need money for college then you need to plan for it better which also includes earning it from me. I gave you the opportunity to sell the manuscripts I spent most of your life writing to pay for your schooling, but you didn't want to earn it by doing the selling or even letting me know where you live to send the transfer of copyright to.

    Just so you know, that PSP you got from me I had to go through hell to get it. My egg donor got her pound of flesh from me and ruined my life because of me protecting you from her. You were very ungrateful for what I did for you. If you don't have any contact with me further then it is on you. Just keep that in mind when you drive the next time because I was the one that taught you how to drive."

    Her reply is just telling about all the lies she's been spoonfed.

    "I dont know who u think u are but u are not my father. My father is kevin. Message me again and i will take u to court for harassing me."

    Funny, but my darling daughter messaged me out of the blue in November to hit me up for money to pay for her schooling. I told her that she could have two of my manuscripts to sell to pay for college, but I would need her address to send the transfer of copyright.

    She blocked me again after that message, so I posted this up as a reply in my status.

    "So this passes for conversation these days. I told my daughter that she was to call me Dad and this was her reply and it's so classy.

    "I dont know who u think u are but u are not my father. My father is kevin."

    No sweety, Kevin isn't your father. I am and it's because you got my half of DNA. Go take a paternity test with him and it will come back as him not being your dad, but I am. Grow up and be an adult. It's not my fault that your piece of shit mother lied to you and kept me out of your life."