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Counter Petition Started on Against the Women's rights movement

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  • Counter Petition Started on Against the Women's rights movement

    Pass this on to every MRM and MGTOW forum you frequent. Do your part to get these psychopaths shut down.

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    Ok, I'm going to say it, at the risk of an adverse reaction, but do we really want to behave as crazy as the feminist crazies that setup the "classify MRA as a hate/terrorist group" or whatever they called it. Give me some arguments lads.

    PS: I called out some feminists trolls on the guardian website today. Trivial I know, but I'm new to this and I've not called anyone out on this before. If this was the scouts I'd be due a badge or something.

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    Can things really be this complicated?


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      Yeah, sorry, I don't agree with this either, seems kinda pointless, almost like this:
      person a. "you are gay as hell man"
      person b. "What? No YOU are gay!"
      person a. "no you are gay"
      person b. "no you!"

      if person "b" had just ignored it or said something else, the onlookers would conclude that person "a" was an idiot
      now they see person "a" as an idiot and person "b" as childish.


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        The big point here is you're presenting this as if they could be shamed by exposition of the falsity of their position. Instead you gave them a forum to kick your ass in a popularity contest, which is their brand of "truth". Bad strategy, and bad form.
        Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.


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          Dude, seriously? Are we actually upset about the other petition?

          Every time they lie about us, we win. Little wins, but wins.

          Every. Single. Time.

          If *THE PRESIDENT* lies about us, what do you think happens?

          Do you think it'll draw a million people to AVfM? 5 million? 10 million?

          And what will they find? A terrorist group? Or, another not-precisely-true statement from a politician?

          Lots of people out there are just looking for more evidence of deception from this administration, and guess what? The evidence is right here, on A Voice For Men. If he sends his opposition here (and labeling us his enemy would be a pretty damn effective method) they will use what we have to attack him. So, now, let me ask one more question - do you seriously feel that this would be a bad thing for us?