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    I've been abused by a few women in my life. Therefore, all women are horrible, abusive, manipulative, heartless creatures! Durrrrp! I had sex with my fiance the other night... Damn, I must have raped her, though she didn't say no. I believe in due process for anyone on trial for a rape accusation.

    I believe the accuser should be questioned as much as the accused. Because it's easy enough to simply SAY something happened, let's remove the ease to incarcerate innocent people because they made some woman feel a little hurty inside because she regretted it, or he decided afterwards, or the next morning, that he didn't really want a serious relationship. This must mean that I support rapists, and therefore apologize for their actions and believe they deserve a chance at freedom regardless of their crimes.

    I believe there should be equal battered men's homeless shelters as there are in abundance of battered women's homeless shelters. This must mean I'm a misogynist.

    I believe that I should be allowed to express my dislike for any woman without the label of being an abusive man "oppressing" that woman. Because maybe she offended me, so I believe I have the right to dislike her.

    I believe that I should be allowed to disagree with somebodies ideologies without the many MANY labels that men are slapped with. Because

    I believe in EQUALITY.

    I believe in the Men's Rights Movement.

    I believe that I'm not a terrorist.

    I believe I'm capable of loving any woman that my heart desires, whether she's my fiance, my wife, my girlfriend, my daughter, my mother, my grandmother, my aunt, or my cousin.

    I respect them for who they are.

    I respect them for what they can do.

    But this does not mean that I will freely give RESPECT and place a woman upon a pedestal regardless of circumstance.

    I will show respect, with the expectation that I will be shown respect in return.

    BUT again... These values must make me a misogynist, an oppressor, and a promoter of the "patriarchy".

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    I believe you hit the nail on the head.
    "Not all with tits are twisted." -Me