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    For those interested in boys education, I ran across the most interesting charity:
    If you scroll down to the "See all categories" link and click through, you will be able to do a keyword search. Interestingly, when I tried it on 8/19/2014, I found 684 projects specific to boys and 636 projects specific to girls. So it would seem at least some teachers out there have "gotten the memo" (taken the red pill?) and are trying to help their boys. It also seems to reflect a lack of support from the school systems for boy-specific books and activities.
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    How did you make sure some are boys and girls? Some of these requests on are somewhat deceptive.

    For instance, I'm seeing the word "diverse" used in "My students need a more diverse..." That could mean a lot of things, but in my experience "diverse" in this context is usually code for trying to silence opinions.


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      I didn't "make sure" of anything, if you are talking about my 683/636 numbers. I just searched "boys" and "girls" respectively. But if you look at the results at the top of those two searches, you find that the descriptions ("boys" or "girls") are surprisingly accurate. Now "boys" and "diverse" are not mutually exclusive, but just out of curiosity I went back and typed "boys diverse" into the search box. It came back with 110 projects, just a fraction of what "boys" by itself brings back. "diverse" by itself brought back 3622 projects, but that's understandable. "Diverse" is also code for "poor", "immigrant", and "minority" - exactly the demographic most likely to turn to a charity like DonorsChoose - but also the demographic most hurt by a gynocentric educational system.

      But to be sure, you need to look at the particulars of the project you're interested in. One of my favorites is .
      It seems their school has books, just not any the boys want to read. The project seeks to fund what the school district won't.