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Another woman to add to our rare collection.

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  • Another woman to add to our rare collection.

    Here's another rather interesting and intelligent woman, (I've starting collecting them since hanging around the "man-o-sphere, never knew they existed before Dianna, Karen, Alison, et al) She dispatches the Emma/UN/White knits for her recruitment vid with clarity.
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    Great video, should probably be posted to the front page too.


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      Thanks for the link.


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        Lol, kind of nice and all, but what a tangent. SPANKING IS OPPRESSION! Lol...

        And most people do have a ridiculous disrespect for their parents. At least my shitty generation. And most young people from what I can see. I use to think my generation was the worst but then the next generation came around.


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          The spanking thing is interesting, but she spends too much time on it for this to be a good all purpose response to Emma's verbal flatulence.


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            I got about 1/2 way through the video and I said to myself "She's a stefbot", so I click on her name to go to her page and who is right there as a recommended channel? STEFBOT!

            ALL of your problems have a root in the first 6 years of your life and all you learn as that people bigger than you, louder than you and who have more money than you (AKA your parents) were the ones who did this to you! I mean, really listen to what she says. Give consideration to what she says... She now believes that all of the problems in the world, from feminism to bad relationships are all caused by bad parenting. How many horrific societies have to come into being, destroy the lives of everyone there and then collapse before we (as humans) stop buying into utopia? Think of how many little narcissists are going to be raised because of this idiotic idea?

            The enemy of your enemy is not your friend.
            White privilege is just like 'the patriarchy' for minorities!
            Womyn, to take the man out of woman, too stupid to know Y it's a bad idea


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              Originally posted by ComradePrescott View Post
              I use to think my generation was the worst but then the next generation came around.
              Wait until you get to the nursing home.