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Some men have to be sacrificed

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  • Some men have to be sacrificed

    In this article, editor Ezra Klein and Democratic Party operative, believes that men should live in fear of women and some men have to be sacrified in order to protect women.

    He wrote:
    To work, "Yes Means Yes" needs to create a world where men are afraid

    For that reason, the law is only worth the paper it's written on if some of the critics' fears come true. Critics worry that colleges will fill with cases in which campus boards convict young men (and, occasionally, young women) of sexual assault for genuinely ambiguous situations. Sadly, that's necessary for the law's success.

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    getting convictions for false accusation cases is the only purpose of such a law, if you can convict the guilty without evidence then that same lack of evidence can be used to convict the innocent far more easily because an innocent will be unaware of his need to prove his innocence until it is too late where as a guilty person will have advanced warning of that need due to that guilt.

    if we are going to undo the last few centuries of legal protections to recreate a society based on fear can we start by burning the witches(feminists) then if no one else objects re-create the protections against that sort of behavior which they removed?
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    "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle


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      The absolutely rock basic belief of the left, as prophesied, "Some Are More Equal Than Others"
      Without a doubt, the entire intent of the law is to allow women to punish innocent men, on a whim.
      And they will.
      In self defense, carry a wooden stake, or a crucifix and silver bullets. Silver is falling. Maybe keep a bucket of water handy.


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        I feel that this law is one of the most racist laws created recently. If a woman is a White Supremacist, and there is a Black man or Jew in the school, she can claim rape and get him in serious trouble. For sure, at the very least, the student will be kicked out of school. It is going to be a turkey shoot for racist women. And the thing is, she will not be punished if she it turns out that she lied.


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          If their solution to a problem is to make one half of the population terrified of the other, it's a shit solution, that will lead to social disaster.
          It's a shame that the 1 in 5 myth has got these people so paranoid that they'll go to these lengths to "protect" themselves.

          And we know that it won't stop with Yes means Yes. The goal is to make the world 100% safe for women's feelings, and that is impossible.
          So next up is Yes means No.
          "As absurd as it may sound, today's men need feminism much more than their wives do. Feminists are the last ones who still describe men the way they like to see themselves: as egocentric, power-obsessed, ruthless and without inhibitions when it comes to satisfying their instincts"
          -Esther Vilar