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A good article on women eating their own

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  • A good article on women eating their own

    A little article on how hard it is being a women dealing with other women. Still though, we should believe all women right? LOL

    Read about the mean moms who rule suburbia. One writer investigates the real desperate housewives of Boston's suburbs and meets some real-life mean mothers.
    I used to think collapse was inevitable. Now I realize it is necessary.

    It was only a matter of time before the bicycles realized that they in fact did not need the fish.

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    I've seen several of my female relatives get caught up in this stuff. The power they let these queen bees have over them was ridiculous.

    Whenever they played that game and tried to vent to me or in some other way involve me, I told them right away that I wanted no part of it. If they were going to wade into that nonsense, they were on their own. The first couple of times I said that, it gave them noticeable pause. It was as if they thought it was all just a natural ecosystem, including whatever role they incorrectly assumed I'd play.