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  • My application for University

    Hey all. I recently came across a free to the public course called University 102. In the web site description, it starts with "University 102 is a free, non-credit social sciences course for people who have faced barriers to accessing post-secondary education. Students do not need to take Uni 101 before taking Uni 102.

    "This course will introduce students to the social sciences which were developed out of a desire to understand human social realities, through geographical, psychological, economic, political science, anthropological, and sociological approaches and explanations."

    OK, so far, so good. The next line after that, however, is "These perspectives are applicable to many aspects of people's lived experiences both individually and collectively, and help us understand our lives in a social context."

    Uh oh... there's a red flag if I ever saw one. Anyway, I went to the info session and it sounded interesting, so I got an application form and an envelope to mail it in. That's when the second red flag came up... It said to mail the application to "University 101, c/o Department of Gender Studies". Oh crap. Not only that, but one of the people running the program is a gender studies graduate, which struck me as incredibly odd as she didn't have a weird haircut dyed with flaming neon colours or problem glasses and she wasn't bigger around than she was tall. In fact, she was quite gorgeous. When I expressed concerns about GS being about nothing but a bunch of people whining about the evil, oppressive, heteronormative cis-gendered patriarchy, she said that maybe it isn't what I think it is. Perhaps. I'm willing to play along for now, and in any case, I can score a FREE University student ID out of the deal which will work at both the libraries and the computer labs on campus.

    Anyway, as for the application, I noticed that there was a spot called "Gender" which only had an underline beside it. When I asked during the presentation if we should put in how we identify or what our pronouns were, she said with a straight face and not skipping a beat, "Whatever you're most comfortable with." Excellent... I've been waiting a long time for this moment. I knew exactly what I was going to put in for them if I ever got the chance. The first thing I wrote in there was my "gender identity": "Non-binary gender fluid pansexual". Below that I wrote "personal pronoun: thundercock". I should hear back about my acceptance (or not) at about the same time as the British election. I'll let you all know how it goes.
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