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    The Escapist Religion and Politics board has a range of views represented and gender topics are frequent. Lots of stupid, but quite a bit of non-stupid too. I like it!

    I mean, I was pleasantly surprised by this topic on protecting women on the internet; male and female geeks more or less standing together and saying the obvious!

    Anyway, that's just background on the forum; I recently got embroiled in a topic called "Men have problems too". And a feminist presented a study by a gender studies department on men and depression/suicide, claiming:
    And in pretty much one stroke, a group of researchers, led by a feminist, had done more to alleviate "men's problems" than the entire MRA/MHRA has ever done. There's an irony in that.
    Now, I'm not picking on this user particularly (no one's omniscient, right?), but I saw this as a good opportunity to let them know what "the other side" is actually doing.

    Here's what I've already sent to them over PM:
    "1-in-3" in Australia has successfully debunked false and biased statistics in government, medical and charity literature with regards to domestic violence. For the first time in New South Wales, male victims are now receiving support.

    The National Coalition for Men in the US and Canada has been ceaseless in its activism on a wide range of issues. It's got a crap web presence, so not many folks have heard about it. Here's the story of Canada's first men's shelter.

    Unfortunately, that modest grant was the first and last he received. Earl Silverman continued to support the shelter from his own pocket, but eventually couldn't afford it.

    The scandal you noted was over the money raised for the shelter in his memory. [[Yep, they'd heard about that, but apparently not much else]]

    Fathers 4 Justice in the UK has made some changes to the political climate. In the last general election politicians campaigned to support fathers, which is a change, but there's been little to show for it so far in terms of policy changes unfortunately. But work goes on, and is gaining popular support.

    New Male Studies is an example of the academic side of things. The organiser of that, Miles Groth, has recently organised a Males Studies course at the University of South Australia, the first of its kind.

    The lectures by Christina Hoff Sommers and Warren Farrell that were so controversial were hosted by CAFE. They've recently funded a men's centre in Canada, and they continue to support boys in education, who are currently underrepresented and failing across the board.

    And of course, yes, a Voice for Men. They're a platform to get organised and get funding, for example a lot of CAFE's funds have come from AVFM support. But they do smaller-scale personal stuff too, funding the legal action of falsely accused people who have been chewed up by biased court processes. But I'd say their main purpose is simply to let people speak. When I joined up myself, I expected the anger (and it -is- there), but I didn't expect the compassion from the men and women there. It's boring personal stuff so I won't go into details but they helped me, and... well, I find that AVFM's reputation as some fierce woman-hating machine pretty amusing.

    Okey.. There's a couple of groups I like that I've missed, but that's enough rambling for now. Lemme know what you think, and if there's any particular areas you're interested.

    And if you can think of more examples of feminist activism on behalf of male issues, please let me know!
    I'm hoping they'll express more interest. I know there's lots I'm missing, but what should I send next if and when they do reply? Some real success stories would be grand. And of course, if you could catch any errors I've made, please do! Better I get humble pie from you guys than anyone else ^_^