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The concept of lesbians not existing: Tied to women's attention seeking nature?

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  • The concept of lesbians not existing: Tied to women's attention seeking nature?

    When a man says he is gay, it's usually not questioned. But when a woman says shes a lesbian, people are skeptical.
    For the longest time I wondered why this is, and then I remember back in highschool all the girls that made out with their female friends and pretended to be gay to impress their male friends.
    This is a phenomena that I didn't witness or experience with gay men.
    I do realize that gay men are more likely to be abused and ridiculed than gay women, that is true.
    But the fact that so many young girls fake or pretend to be gay just for attention has caused a lot of people to straight up believe lesbians don't exist. It seems to upset a lot of actual lesbians I know as well, because people assume they are just faking as well.

    I'm bisexual, and I know that within my loins I do feel something when I see an incredibly attractive girl and I have had romantic feelings for women in the past. Because of these feelings I've never experienced doubt that lesbians exist.
    But I think that so many people doubting it (and I'm not trying to put down anyone here if they personally don't believe in it) is a product of female nature in our society.

    This is just all speculative thoughts I had in my head today. But I wonder if anyone here thinks there is a connection here, or has had similar thoughts?

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    I can honestly say I have never heard of someone not believing lesbians exist, at least outside of the whole "homosexuality is an abomination" crowd.
    I have heard the idea that "all women are actually bi" but that's something else all together I suppose.


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      Interesting. I apologize for assuming everyone was familiar with this, I've heard it so much that I didn't think about it being a foreign idea. Where I grew up (NC) homosexuality was constantly mocked and regarded as sinful, but no one really had any hostilities towards Lesbians because they were perceived to always be "faking it for attention";

      There are a lot of places on the internet that seem to put forth the notion as well. There is even a MRA and MGTOW hate site that has an article about how some apparently believe they don't exist. (Note that this is a really obnoxious website, so a word of warning: Try not to go if you don't want any sort of good mood you might have ruined)


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        I had a fellow coworker whom was identified as lesbian. I never spoke to her personally about her orientation or thoughts, however, another female employee (I believe she was hetero, though had experimented with same sex earlier in her life) told me that the lesbian, refused to allow herself to feel an attraction to men, because then she's just "horny".

        I didn't really understand the concept. Seems to me that If you have no compunction about engaging in same sex attraction, and you also have attraction to opposite sex, why would you deny yourself that attraction. Seems like some strange reverse sexual orientation discrimination ideology.

        Either that or she was trying to stay true to her personal identity demographic, even though her mind was feeling something else. Cognitive dissonance much?
        Ephesians 5 "Husbands, Love your wives like Christ loved the Church". (Wives, give your husbands something to love).
        "Wives, RESPECT your husbands". (Husbands, give your wives something to respect.)

        For a man does not truly feel loved unless his wife, mother, and children display respect to him.

        "From each MAN according to his abilty, to each WOMAN according to her need"... Allison Tienemann

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          I believe that the dismissal of your sexuality in a homophobic sub culture had more to do with your feminine privileges than a disbelief in lesbians. Men are always punished more harshly than women.


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            Yeah, I think that is a fair and accurate assertion. I just wonder if there are other factors at play as well.


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              there is such a thing as Lesbian Until Graduation, the phenomenon of women who are only experimenting with their sexuality during a time of self discovery.
              and it is widely accepted that due to the differences between male and female attraction women have more choice in what sexuality they are than men.
              but I have never before heard of someone denying that lesbians exist.

              of course you have to realize that that Manboobz article you linked to is a hit piece right?
              as in an article deliberately designed to misinform, like a political add claiming the opponent eats babies and craps on the flag everyday before golfing with Satan.
              "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle


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                I'm not familiar with the term "hit piece" ...are you saying it's a satirical website? I know there are websites that are dedicated to "religious extremists" for comical effect of reactions. Or are you saying that they KNOW that everything they are saying is bullshit they just don't care? If the website is a joke then I feel less angry about it. There is so much misandry perpetuated out there that it's hard to tell what is and isn't a joke.


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                  hit piece refers to the act of misrepresenting someone's views to make the reader dislike them.
                  Manboobs is dishonest in nearly every single article he has ever done and his intention is to make people hate MRAs by making them look bad.


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                    Ah, that was my initial interpretation and I agree that it is a horrible website. I was posting it as an example of the perception that lesbianism doesn't exist, not to show that it is definitively a popular opinion. I just keep hearing it online and offline and I wondered what the idea is linked to.
                    Though admittedly since I moved close to Portland I haven't heard any opinions like that in person. It's really shocking to me that in my experience how different people's mindsets seem to be when comparing one side of the country vs the other.

                    It seems like the general thought so far is that it is merely female privilege, which I concede makes a lot of sense. I've never seen a lesbian woman suffer in the way a gay man has.


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                      hit piece: an attempt to turn public opinion against someone/something through the appearance of objective reporting or editorializing.

                      yes they are on some level aware that everything they write is bullshit, but they would never admit it because they want you to believe everything they write is true.
                      It is NOT a satirical website because there is malicious Intent behind what they write, it's no joke they are trying to harm the subjects of their lies.

                      it's the same as when someone starts a malicious rumor about you, they know it to be untrue but they want others to think you suck donkey cock.
                      "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle


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                        It's not that lesbians don't exist, it's that we're living in a time of heavy social engineering by secret groups.

                        People have been "dumbed down" to feeling entertained every minute of the day, and to act on every impulse that pops into their skull.

                        This has given rise to what I call "recreational sexuality" which really has nothing to do with a person's self.

                        For example when people go into prison straight, and having nothing else to gratify themselves, they look for any kind of sexuality to fill the void in their entertainment.

                        These people did not suddenly "turn" gay or lesbian.

                        Homosexuality is rare.
                        Transsexuality is very rare.

                        %2 of the population is not supposed to feel like a woman in a man's body.
                        And why are there vastly more MtF trans than FtM trans?
                        Kinda gives you a clue that the FtM trans rate is probably close to the "natural" rate.
                        Most MtF is people trying to escape the male experience.

                        Actually a few months back, some MGTOW was saying "hey I have an idea, if it gets worse for us, we could say we're women in men's bodies!"
                        And for the record, no, I was born male, I'll always be male, even if feminism kills me for it, I'll die with my saggy dick attached to my body. Fuck the world and everybody in it.

                        So tell me again how many LGBT are "real" and how many are straight up poseurs. Half? %80?

                        I respect "real" gays, lesbians and trans people.

                        I don't respect artificial "LGBT" politics.