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Ass-backwards feminist causality

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  • Ass-backwards feminist causality

    So I watched the GWW @ Ryerson speech, and in her dissection of the problems with feminist ideology, she talked a bit about how feminists often have causality backwards. I was also thinking about the feminist student who stated how she knew men didn't need safe spaces on campus, because all of society was a safe space for men due to their being able to catcall women such as her with impunity. After much deliberating on the topic, I think now the two must be intertwined, and this is another place where feminists have causality backwards. It is my opinion now that men who catcall do so precisely because they do not feel safe, not the other way 'round. Hear me out:

    The number of times in my life in which I have been out drinking and someone tried to start a fight with me; the number of times I have been physically assaulted; the number of times someone has threatened my life or well-being; the number of times someone has pointed a gun at me or brandished a gun in my presence: All-told, collectively, I can no longer count the number of times this has happened, and I am not yet 40. This world is NOT -- emphatically not -- a "safe space" for me on account of my sex and gender both being male. Due to this, the probability that I will die prematurely is exaggerated far above and beyond if I had been born female. This problem leads me to the crux of the matter: Will I live long enough to be successful in life (in this context, the type of success I am talking about is sexual reproduction, not material, intellectual, or spiritual success)?

    If, given the greater probability that the longer I wait to reproduce, the more likely it is that my life will end prematurely, then it only follows that I must be sexually assertive in order to find a mate. And what better way to do so than to catcall? To talk to women I find attractive? To take those risks which might end in rejection or rebuff but which are still preferable to winding up in a shallow grave in a dark alley?

    If, on the other hand, society-at-large actually was a safe space for me as a male, why should I need to promote myself, ever, for anything? There would be no competition. There would be a nice, orderly line in which everyone was served and there was never, ever conflict of any sort. Conflict is at the root of violence, I think. That is not to say all conflict ends in violence, but I cannot think of any violence which does not have conflict at its core. So, to this and all other feminists, I have to say: YOU HAVE IT ASS-BACKWARDS YET AGAIN!!!

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    To quote my favorite cheesy video game character, Lo Wang, "They so stupid, they can't find ass both hands!"

    So of course, they will get it ass backwards.

    Sorry, this is what I get for having a twisted sense of humor and old games at my access.


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      Causality is a minefield. Even in the 'pure' sciences, never mind the social sciences.

      I always laugh when i look at a packet of cigarettes that has the warning on it "the surgeon general warns smoking causes cancer". Given that the surgeon general would be expected to have a basic knowledge of scientific methodology, he would also know that this statement is untrue. If you say something that's untrue, that's a mistake. If you say something that you know is untrue, that's a lie. The surgeon general is a liar. There's a correlation between smoking and cancer, no more.

      Of course if he can get people to believe that lie, and stop people smoking he has achieved a positive end. I therefore deduce that the surgeon general is a Machiavellian thinker who believes that the ends justify the means.

      Attribute causality where there is none, get support for your lie, and achieve and end. Feminists are not the only ones using the technique, but they are doing it often.

      What can I say?