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  • Optimist, pessimist, Feminist

    All contributions gratefully received...

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    Optimist, pessimist, realist: 3 terms where only 2 are needed.
    Disillusionment: Another term for reality.
    Disillusionment: Another word for reality.


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      Optimists are the ones getting shit done. If you don't believe that you can make things better, why bother trying? And if you aren't trying, you aren't gonna make it.


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        Every pessimist has at least a little optimism. Thats why they haven't blown their brains out.

        Seriously pessimists are so smug sometimes.


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          Optimist: the glass is half full
          Pessimist: the glass is half empty
          Feminist: Quotas must be established to ensure that the glass is filled with the right kind of liquid.


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            Feminist: This was obviously caused by sexism. If you didn't buy me a glass, I wouldn't drink it and it wouldn't be half empty.


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              More refreshing cynicism is available at:


              And no, I'm not their sales manager. But I wish I was.

              Some of my favourites:



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                I'd say realism is in fact correct. The Glass is completely full, 50% is filled with a liquid the other 50% is filled with Air.

                as for feminists I'd say they would be more concerned with how that liquid is raping that glass, just constantly filling it's orifice without consent and passively implying that containing a liquid is a glasses only purpose for existing... >.>
                "It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle


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                  Optimist: The glass is half full.
                  Pessimist: The glass is half empty.
                  Feminist: The glass was raped and needs counselling.

                  I've seriously never understood the whole half empty/full thing. From what I can tell being either half full or half empty is dependent upon the stage the glas was at before it had liquid in it. If you took an empty glass and filled it up halfway, it's only half full. If you took a full glass and drank half, it's now half empty. However, the reverse is also true in both cases, the former glass, though half full is still half empty, and the latter glass is still half full...
                  I would have to agree with Jack H. above. It's full, half of water and half of air. Or it's both half empty and half full at once.

                  Personally I think whoever made up the "optimist half full/pessimist half empty" thing was a moron who only seems profound or insightful to other morons.
                  The greatest threat to our planet and our future is the mistaken belief that someone else will save it.


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                    I see this as question posed to "which one are you?"

                    I think the best answer to the question of which of the three above I am:

                    Drink all three shots in a quick set, slap a $20 down, and say, "I'm a problem solver, and a MHRM member. Give me another round."

                    Depending on the attitude they are giving me, that last sentence would be, "Give me another round, sweet cheeks."


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                      Optimist: The glass is half full
                      Pessimist: The glass is half empty
                      Feminist: I hate men but I still think they should pay for my glass to be filled up.