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Solutions Please! The system is not just AGAINST men, it is against humanity.

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  • Solutions Please! The system is not just AGAINST men, it is against humanity.

    Hey all I'm new here and would like to pitch an idea out there. It is related to the frustration so many men feel. Essentially we live in a system that appears to be contrary to the world we would like to build. We often complain, bicker amongst ourselves and often drag down those who try to climb out of the proverbial "cage". My point is that this is not by accident, it benefits certain people. We look around and wonder "who the hell could benefit from this". In legal cases it is very obvious, judges, lawyers, law schools and the very system you pay taxes to, in the larger picture it seems unimaginable. This very possibility seems too terrible to consider and most people think, "No way, that's crazy. No one would do such a thing". Lets not forget the purported reason we at the top of the food chain, we are the ultimate predator and natural born killers. Could it be possible that there are people practicing that instinct but perhaps more deftly than you could imagine by way of manipulation?

    First a question.

    1. Is it possible that those who climbed or inherited your position and reside in the high class, misanthropes (possibly psychopaths) and who have the resources would do any of the following?

    a. Divide and Conquer
    b. Create a crisis then come into the fray with a solution
    c. Encourage idiotic behavior among the masses
    d. Promote those who fail miserably
    e. Provide bread and circuses for free
    f. Create diseases
    g. Attack the genome itself
    h. Propose transhumanism
    i. All Of The Above

    2. If you were in this class and did not approve, how would you warn people about such plans and behavior?
    (NOTE: If you are of this society and honestly oppose it, I am happy to have you here.)

    a. pen books (Arthur "Eric" Blair aka George Orwell)
    b. societies (John Birch Society)
    c. political movements (libertarian, tea party)
    d. movies ("of things to come" 1930s)

    3. What do do about this? Looking at the division among the sexes which has been masterfully orchestrated with most of the public's approval, what can we as leaders do?

    Please post ideas or better yet what you ARE DOING currently in your life to make a BETTER world

    If in doubt, for a great example of point one please watch "The Century of the Self" a BBC documentary.

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    Hollywood follows trends, Good example The Purge Anarchy otherwards a america without a government.
    And second the country is run by Psychopaths.
    There's somebody or somebodys or a group of people who don't want us to get along.


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      Organise a massive viral marketing, guerilla marketing and electronic marketing campaign to highlight the issue.
      Make posts on as many sites as you can, print out flyers and post them in strategic locations.
      Make websites to highlight the issue.
      Talk to friends, get them to spread the word.
      Get in contact with well known famous people and get them to speak out.
      Write to every politician you can, contact radio stations, TV stations, Newspapers, Magazines.

      Target posters and flyers at every school, university, police station, political building, political party headquarters, politicians home & neighbourhood, built up area with a lot of foot traffic, army barracks, bus stop, train station, bus, train, homeless shelter, hospital, unemployment office, club, etc.
      Use shock tactics in your message, black and white so it costs less to print and not overly glossy so it looks home grown and will grab more attention.

      Dress up as super heroes while you put up posters to gain more attention.
      Be awesome.
      "Claiming a movement called 'Feminism' is about sexual equality is like claiming a movement called 'Aryanism' is about racial equality." - Real Sexism is against Men