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Tim Pool about to flip?

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  • Tim Pool about to flip?

    Tim Pool was just ripped a new one by Cenk Uygur at Politicon for allegedly being a Trump Supporter based on a fake news video that Cenk watched somewhere. Let that sink in. Tim Pool. Democrat. Feminist. Believer in social justice, but not a warrior for it. TRUMP SUPPORTER??? OK... whatever you say, Cenk. Because of this incident and other things has been seeing on the left, especially recently, it looks like he's about to flip. I can't help feeling sorry for the guy. It looks like the guy's being force fed a red pill as thick as a medicine ball and a metre long which insists on shoving itself right down his throat whether he likes it or not!

    When a woman says to a man 'IF you really love me you would (INSERT VERB HERE)... 'IF you really love me you should buy/give/take/do X, Y, Z'... That's using...that's testing. And my answer to that is always; 'IF you loved me you wouldn't have asked that fucking question, now pack your shit and get the fuck out of my house.' - Maxx

    Asking a feminist about men's rights is like asking a cattle rancher about veganism.