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Knowing thy enemy.

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  • Knowing thy enemy.

    We know that feminist ideology is our counter culture, and we also know of big players in the feminist ideology, but there's one thing we haven't made a list of: list of companies that are either run by feminists or support feminism.

    Knowledge is power, and anonymity is a good shield to cover up knowledge.

    This isn't going to mention all of them of course, but it is interesting seeing feminists working in the shadows.

    So let's put some light on the situation:

    Company #1: Facebook

    Evidence #1:

    Evidence #2: The COO of Facebook is Sheryl Sandberg. Sound familiar? She's the woman behind the Ban Bossy bullshit.


    Company #2: TEDX

    Evidence #1 (and technically 2): This is where Anita talked about video games and where Sheryl talked about her Ban Bossy campaign.

    Evidence #2: I found something particularly interesting:

    What's even more interesting is that if you just type feminist in the search engine, you get a plethora of articles involving feminists.


    Company #3: Microsoft

    Now I know what some people may be thinking, Microsoft? Yes Microsoft.

    Evidence #1: Microsoft owns MSNBC. Why is that evidence?


    In the video above you can easily see Microsoft's company dismissing all problems that boys and men have.

    Evidence #2: Do you remember when Anita Sarkeesian was nominated for an award for her “achievement”? It was from Microsoft's 2014 Women in Gaming Awards.

    Evidence #3: Gates. No, not just Bill Gates, his wife Melinda Gates. Although to say she's a feminist isn't concrete, this is:

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to help women and children, but don't you think it's a little odd for them to be ignoring men completely? I guess in their world there are no single fathers.

    Also, here's another list of support that the Gate's Foundation supports:

    Again don't you think it's odd? When I searched for men on their site there wasn't nearly as much support or help. If you want to help people that's great, but why only specific people? Can you imagine if the foundation only supported one or two races? Or 1 age group?

    **On an interesting side-note, one of TEDX's partners is Skype, Skype is owned by Microsoft. (Well actually acquired by Microsoft)**

    Other companies/organizations to mention:

    - The Huffington Post (Obvious)
    - Girl Scout Cookies (
    - Liberals! (From Obama, Hilary & Bill Clinton, and Al Gore. The last 2 BTW spoke on TEDX)
    - Although I found Google supported Ban Bossy campaign using Google ironically, I couldn't find exactly how they supported it – perhaps with money?
    - ​Lena Dunham.....who? She's the writer that made that rather boring and blatant lie on SNL about the MRA. She's written other feminist skits too.

    I wonder when people will start to actually help EVERYONE, rather than just picking and choosing?
    Feminism: Making men perpetual trouble makers and making women perpetual victims - it hurts everyone.
    Feminism isn't about a "sisterhood", it's about victimhood.