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The Toxic Appeal of Demonization (Just ranting off after a frustrating week)

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  • The Toxic Appeal of Demonization (Just ranting off after a frustrating week)

    James S. Fell recently posted the article “The Toxic Appeal of the Men’s Rights Movement”. In it he wrongly depicts the movement as being driven by misogyny and resentment. He was also inline with other recent feminist driven campaigns to make the intentionally deceitful connection between lunatic Elliot Rodger and the men’s rights movement. If anyone could point to one single shred of evidence that this nutcase was an MRA or even had any association with the movement it would be a first. To date there HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE, but despite this - feminist have been PROPOGATING this lie!

    In the article Mr. Fell does state that the men’s rights movement has some legitimacy but suggests that the magnitude of the discrimination is too miniscule to give a darn fuck. Well the first piece of advice I would give this idiot - is to start reading the same publication that cuts him a check for the garbage he writes. If Mr. Fell had been reading TIME, he would have read about how “Men Are Obsolete” in his employer’s publications January 2nd, 2014 posting. If that isn’t reason enough to join a men’s rights movement I don’t know what is? It would seem, Mr. Fell, that the issues are NOT as laughable as you purport in your article…or how he put it:

    “….. But turning these issues into a movement is laughable. It is a like a multi-millionaire who whines that a tax loophole was closed and he’s losing 0.5% of his annual income.”

    He asserts that men are joining the movement because we’re “whining children” who fear losing our “privileges that society bestows upon us for having pale skin and a penis”. First, Mr. Fell you would be surprised to know that there are a lot of women in the movement and not just men. These are smart, intelligent women who as a result of their gender act in an unbiased, non self-prejudicial evaluation of the legitimacy of the movement. Many of these women were feminists at one time who sincerely believed in and wanted true gender equality for all but who refused to remain in an ideology that put forth a deceptive agenda of acquiring female superiority over men.

    Why Men and Women Join the Movement

    What James Fell fails to understand is the true reasons why people are joining the men’s human rights movement. They are joining because they become aware there is one.

    Most never had a clue there was a men’s rights movement. This point is validated from Mr. Fell’s own need to assure his reading audience:

    “Wait, what? Men’s rights? That’s a thing? Yes, it’s a thing”

    If the feminist did one thing well it was stifling any recognition of a men’s rights movement. Feminist smolder any attempts at dissension of their own policies. By collectively infiltrating and manipulating legal, educational and media institutions feminists were guaranteed that their agenda proceeded unhindered. Then some time ago this crazy thing called the Internet came around. It took some time. People were waking up and realizing that the news wasn’t as unbiased in their reporting as they originally thought. Small brave voices began popping up – in small groups at first. Little blogs then flourished into big sites that garnished a million hits a day.

    For years men have been brainwashed into cognitively dissenting with the notion that perhaps they were not as bad as the message the media constantly bombarded them with. But they never questioned the status quo, because as a (perceived) lone-dissenter one would only expect to emerge as some misogynistic nut…when in fact they never hated women but only a system that discriminated them. These people truly believed they were alone in their own beliefs.

    Some people, like Warren Farrell – attempted to open up discussions with their peers in hopes of re-evaluating the feminist game plan. So they ventured beyond their comfort zone….only to derail their careers and reputations. Speaking out against feminism was not and is not currently a healthy choice. Especially if you intended to work in any of the feminist controlled institutions. But the feminist won. They managed to keep Warren and others out of the six o'clock news. They silenced him....until the Internet emerged and now no longer faced with the prospect of silencing dissenting voices they go to Plan "B" - Demonize!

    …but now there’s the Internet!

    Suck it up James!

    Red pills the size of Texas awaits every truth starving person….and it’s only a mouse click away. More and more of these people are finding themselves clicking on to sites (like a and emerging with a life transforming experience. Once transformed these people are endowed with a strong conviction of purpose to help spread the word on men’s issues.

    And what brought us here? For some, they were forced to wake up quickly – as they verged on the cusp of losing their children or their financial health or both. Sometimes, it was because a mom worried about her son’s worsening school marks and took to Googling “Why is my son having trouble in school?” and then to find out (not from feminist sources but from MRA sources) that its a general problem affecting boys as a group. And for others, they came to realize a men's rights movement existed after having read a disturbing article which pushed them over a threshold and motivated them to search for a solution.

    The lucky ones, not all but some, make it to or some other blog. For the rest it’s only a matter of time.

    So suck it up James! Men’s rights activist are not misogynists and we’re certainly not cold blooded killers. The beef we have is with feminism, not women. That is why suggesting that Elliot Rodger was an MRA doesn’t hold water. He wasn’t a men’s rights activist as far as we can tell. But even if he was an MRA it would be disingenuous to believe that the men’s rights movement would be anything of a motivator for such a heinous crime. But of course feminist like you Jim, and Anne Theriault, and the myriad others will go down in the history books as the bigots who attempted to derail the men’s rights movement.
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    Joe, until about 3 months ago I didn't even know what MRA was. A month ago I had to google MRHA *edit* Opps, its MHRA *edit* to figure out what it meant. There's a wagon load of acronyms I still can't even remember. What started me wondering about the current gender debate was an article I read about young boys continuing to fall behind girls at all ages in all subjects. I have a teenage daughter and 2 young sons and I've always felt that if there was an issue that affected any of them then I had a responsibility to dig about and see what was being done. What surprised me was that there didn't seem to be any meaningful action, or plan for action, being undertaken. I was disheartened so see main-stream sites and feminist commentators minimise the issues and say that there were more significant issues that women faced that needed to be addressed. I didn't doubt that those issues existed for women, but surely an ongoing crisis in boys education warranted slightly more resources and prominence than a ban-bossy campaign for girls? Once you look into it you see other significant issues that aren't reported. The main thing is to try to keep things in perspective so you don't start to despair, while doing everything possible to shine a light on the issues that remain stubbornly in the shadows.

    Anyway, my point is that as the problem starts to be seen to affect more and more boys and men, the number of people who want action taken will grow, I believe significantly. There are, and will continue to be setbacks but as Abe Lincoln said "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

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    Can things really be this complicated?


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      That was a good summation as to why good people are migrating to this movement. I've been an MRA for only 4 months and prior to that it was like I was blind to the misandry although subconsciously I was disturbed. Since becoming an MRA I decided to reach out to some long ago feminist friends and this one woman (who I can't name) had an awakening similar to yours. One day she was concerned about her son and why he wasn't doing well in school. Well she got to doing research and just like you her eyes opened. This was doubly disturbing for her because she had been a pretty much radical feminist for so long .... To find out that feminism (which is purported to be about equality of BOTH sexes) was completely ignoring the boy education crisis. It completely destroyed her feminist convictions...and now she's a closet MRA!